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message 1: by Amalie (new)

Amalie  | 650 comments Mod
I opened this folder for the future group-read discussions on Russian plays and poetry as suggested by many members including myself.

Now let's discuss about how to have group discussions. Let me know what you think about the following ideas.

1. Reading plays in-between the Long Fiction reading. (example: In August and October we'll be reading Long Fiction and plays in September) or Reading plays while Long Fiction reading -

2. Poetry reading: once every 3 months or once every 4 months (three times a year) or once every two months -

*** Nominate for the next next play and poetry readings.

message 2: by Vrixton (new)

Vrixton Phillips (sirredcrosse) | 24 comments For poetry, I suggest either Eugene Onegin [though what translation might be a nasty fight lol] or some poems by Akhmatova.

message 3: by Amalie (new)

Amalie  | 650 comments Mod
Don't forget the two questions.

I'll give a demo. My choices are:

Reading plays in-between the Long Fiction reading.

Poetry once once every 3 months.

Play - The Seagullby Anton Chekhov

I too like Eugene Onegin

message 4: by Vrixton (new)

Vrixton Phillips (sirredcrosse) | 24 comments Personally, I think in-between would be better because while there may be people who don't want to read the long-read and want to read a play instead, there may be more people who would like to but can't manage to read a play and the long read simultaneously.

and for a play: Woe from Wit by Griboyedov

Maurizio (matemati) Alright, here are my choices:

- Reading plays in-between the Long Fiction reading.

- Poetry: as you like, I'm not much interested in it

- Play: OK for 'The Seagull' or anything else by Chekhov.

Thank you !

message 6: by Nina (new)

Nina (ninarg) My choices would be:

*Reading plays in between Long Fiction reading

*Poetry: Whatever is good for everyone else is fine with me:) I will probably not be joining in on those discussions

* Plays: Anything by Chekhov, especially The Cherry Orchard

message 7: by Sherry (new)

Sherry | 1 comments The Cherry Orchard by Chekhov that sounds good. I would love the chance to re-read that piece. I am new to Russian plays so any suggestions will be appreciated.

message 8: by Kokeshi (new)

Kokeshi Thanks Amalie,

I vote for
Reading plays in-between the Long Fiction reading.

The Cherry Orchard by Chekhov is great.

Poems by Akhmatova would be great. I don't think it has to be a long poem. A short poem can also be discussed in depth and will not be a huge "reading responsibility" for members.

message 9: by Kristen (new)

Kristen | 39 comments 1. I like the reading plays between long fiction idea as well.
2. poetry every 3 months
3. as i'm unfamiliar with russian plays or poetry, i have no nominations. i'll go along with whatever is chosen :D

message 10: by [deleted user] (new)

Poetry: Start with Pushkin (not Yevgeny Onyegin).
Plays: Start with Chekhov.

message 11: by dely (new)

dely | 340 comments I stick to what you decide because I don't know if I will have time to participate.

toria (vikz writes) (victoriavikzwrites) I vote for reading plays between the long works. Yes, it would be a change to read poetry. Your suggestion sounds fine.

message 13: by Amalie (new)

Amalie  | 650 comments Mod
Vikz wrote: "Yes, it would be a change to read poetry. Your suggestion sounds fine."

Following are some poets that have translations of their work. I hope I haven't left out any key figures.

Golden Age of Russian Poetry
- Vasily Zhukovsky
- Alexander Pushkin
- Fyodor Tyutchev
- Mikhail Lermontov
- Nikolay Alexeyevich Nekrasov

Silver Age of Russian Poetry
- Alexander Blok
- Nikolai Gumilev
- Sergei Esenin
- Boris Pasternak
- Vladimir Mayakovsky
- Marina Tsvetaeva
- Anna Akhmatova

Contemporary Poets
- Vladimir Vysotsky

message 14: by Scott (new)

Scott Smithson | 6 comments I vote for Tsvetaeva... just because she is beautifully emotional.

Too bad Mandelshtam isn't translated well.... "A body has been given to me, so lonely, so mine. What should I do with it?"....

message 15: by MadgeUK (last edited Sep 10, 2011 12:53AM) (new)

MadgeUK | 86 comments I would be interested in reading Eugene Onegi as a side read. I read it with a B&N group a couple of years ago and very much enjoyed it. There are several good English translations available and we can always call upon Russian members to adjudicate:).

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