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message 1: by Shellbelle (last edited Jul 19, 2011 01:46PM) (new)

 Shellbelle  | 1168 comments Mod
Share with the group your favorite Books/Series by Susan Mallery and why you love them so much! What is about the book that made it your favorite? How many times have you re-read it? Do you recommend it to friends/family/strangers on the street?lol

Also Share your Fav. books by other Authors!

message 2: by Kelly Lynn (new)

Kelly Lynn (lemonpink418) | 189 comments I love the Fools Gold series. I can't find anything in that series that I dislike. I love the town, its characters, especially the supporting cast. Who couldn't adore a town with feuding sister hairdressers? I'm slightly partial to Sister of the Bride because the heroine and I share a profession, but I love them all. Re-read the whole series once in anticipation for this summer's new releases. As for favorite stand alone book, I recently read Completely Smitten and I was exactly that! I absolutely tell people to read Susan Mallery. I love meeting people in bookstore aisles and pointing them out.

 Shellbelle  | 1168 comments Mod
Kelly Lynn, I totally agree with you about Fool's Gold! What a quirky town full of really amazing people that always step up to take care of their own! I haven't read Completely Smitten Completely Smitten\Hers for the Weekend (Bestselling Author Collection) by Susan Mallery yet, but I'm going to add it to my TBR now!

message 4: by Jenn3128 (new)

Jenn3128 Kelly Lynn, It's so funny you mention Completely Smitten, I recently purchased it and for the life of me, I can't find it! My house is not that small so I know its gotta be around somewhere. But, back on topic...

My guilty pleasure (I'm almost a little ashamed) is Turbulent Sea by Christine Feehan. It's one of the Drake Sister novels, and the hero in it is such a Alpha and I LOVE it. I've read it so many times now that I can skim through to get to all the juicy parts.

I have an obvious love for stories with strong sister relationships.

 Shellbelle  | 1168 comments Mod
Jen I haven't read much by Christine Feehan, but I have read the first few Drake sisters books and I really like them!

Speaking of Completely Smitten....I ordered it last night after I read Kelly Lynn's post,it just looks so cute! But I have to finish Falling For Gracie (Los Lobos, #2) by Susan Mallery

message 6: by Jenn3128 (new)

Jenn3128 Shelbelle, I really only enjoyed the Drake Sisters ones, the rest were too much of the same thing.

I've got to find my copy! I used to give all my books away, but have developed a hoarding habit with my books and don't have a book shelf. I've got stacks sitting next to my nightstand and I'm sure it just got a little buried there.

 Shellbelle  | 1168 comments Mod
Hahahaha! I used to have the same problem Jenn! But then I got my Nook, and now I only keep the books I really love and want to own. And so far they all fit on one bookshelf...we will see how long that last, because I love pretty covers!LOL

message 8: by Kelly Lynn (new)

Kelly Lynn (lemonpink418) | 189 comments Wow! That's impressive! Even with my Kindle, I still need at least two bookshelves and they are overflowing!

And Jenn, I have that problem sometimes too! I'll buy a whole bunch of books at once and then somehow one or two go on the missing list! Good luck finding it! I thought it was a cute, fun read.

message 9: by Jenn3128 (new)

Jenn3128 Found it last night! Haven't started it, the girls & I watched Rango instead.

message 10: by Hannah (new)

Hannah | 468 comments Falling For Gracie is probably my fave. I love second chance romances, although I guess this wasn't really a second chance since there was never a real first chance. lol Gracie and Riley were great IMO and I rooted for them. The book made me cry, mostly because I couldn't figure out why Gracie put up with so much garbage but all in all, I really loved this story/romance. I do rec it to my friends and it's been mostly a hit.

Accidently Yours is another one of my faves. I loved Kerri and Nathan. Definitely one of my fave romance couples. SM did a great job of blending comedy and seriousness.

message 11: by Shellbelle (new)

 Shellbelle  | 1168 comments Mod
Falling for Gracie is turning out to be great! Like you Hannah I love a second chance romance:) And the things she did to him and his dates as teenagers crack me up!lol

message 12: by Hannah (new)

Hannah | 468 comments Well, it's a mental second chance romance since it was never an actual romance and only a mental one. LMAO But yeah, it cracked me up. Although, as I said, there were some things that bugged me but overall, Gracie and Riley were fab!

message 13: by Sarah (new)

Sarah (irshqq79) | 7 comments Falling for Gracie is actually my favorite book.... something about that book and the characters just calls to me, I don't know if it's the almost underdog winning in the end or what.... I could read it over and over again... Which I have done...

My best friend asked me for a list of the Susan's books that I would suggest and I started with Falling for Gracie and Accidentally yours...and then I just emailed her the link to Susan's book like and told her she could pick any one at random and be thrilled with her choice....

❤️ Dorsey aka Wrath Lover Reviews ❤️ My fav has to be Falling For Gracie (Los Lobos, #2) by Susan Mallery and I love the Susan Mallery Bundle by Susan Mallery Buchanan Series

message 15: by ~Jennifer~ (new)

~Jennifer~ (book_addiction) Falling For Gracie (Los Lobos, #2) by Susan Mallery Hot on Her Heels (Lone Star Sisters, #4) by Susan Mallery are my 2 favorite SMs. Riley and Gracie are great...and Garth...oh how I despised him at the beginning of the series. I love him. He's my favorite out of all the Susan Mallery men I've met so far.

message 16: by Shellbelle (new)

 Shellbelle  | 1168 comments Mod
Now I want to get through the rest of the Lone Star Sister books!

message 17: by ~Jennifer~ (new)

~Jennifer~ (book_addiction) Yes. Garth. He's a little like Simon. Not physically scarred, but those emotional ones run deep.

message 18: by Shellbelle (new)

 Shellbelle  | 1168 comments Mod
If he's even a little like Simon I'm all over that book! But first I have to read the other 2 before it dang it!

message 19: by ~Jennifer~ (new)

~Jennifer~ (book_addiction) Only His (Fool's Gold, #6) by Susan Mallery Kinda love Tucker. :)

message 20: by Shellbelle (new)

 Shellbelle  | 1168 comments Mod
He was such a cutie wasn't he!!!

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