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message 1: by Ashcloud, The Boss! (new)

Ashcloud | 787 comments Mod
Position In Clan:

Name: Icewhisper
Position In Clan: Warrior
Description: Silvery white she-cat with a plumy tail and delicate small feet.
Eyes: Deep deep emerald green.
Personality: Depends on the Roleplay.
Gender: Female.
Mate: Does not want one.
Kin: None.

message 2: by SpazzyJazzy (new)

SpazzyJazzy Name: Hawkflight

Gender: M

Rank: Deputy


Hawkflight is a tom who largely takes after his own father- appearance-wise, anyway. He, like Blazingstar, is a darkly toned tabby, with golden-brown fur that darkens into black at his underbelly. One paw, his right forepaw to be exact, is coloured black, whereas the rest have faded from golden-brown into a more creamy white colour. He is ever-so-slightly larger than average cats, which is another trait he inherited from his ShadowClan parent, and has ice-blue eyes.


Hawkflight, predomininantly, is a laid back and fairly easygoing cat. He's a bit if a socialist, and is the kind of cat you would expect to randomly walk up to someone and start chatting, so long as they were within his Clan. Despite the responsibility he knows he now has, he still retains a mischevious and daring streak from his younger days, and probably always will. He constantly pushes himself, and has never been afraid to take risks when it involves his own safety/diginity.

He doesn't seem overly stressed or troubled, but it doesn't mean he doesn't care or worry for his Clan. He understands the responsibility he now has, and would do anything to prove his devotion to his Clan. It takes quite a bit for him to lose his cool, particularly when it involves the safety of RiverClan, and would fight pretty much anyone to ensure this.

One of the major differences in personality that seperate him from his father would be his nobility. Whilst his father would probably leave an outside kit to it's fate, Hawkflight would, most likely, willingly save mentioned kit. His contempt for other Clans does not outweigh his need to do what he knows is right, even if his pride does make him seem a bit indifferent and hostile towards the other Clans. There have been many Gatherings where he's attempted to start fights.


As a kit, Hawkflight was under the care of Snowleopard, along with his sister Ravenheart. He was too young to really remember Shadowfang ever being there, apart from the brief glimpses of a blue-grey pelt being in the nest with him that he remembers. Growing up, Hawkflight was nothing but a troublemaker, and seriously didn't understand the meaning of 'no.' He only heard what he wanted to hear, and was carried back to Camp by an enemy Clan's patrol group more often than not.

When he made it to apprenticeship, Hawkflight strived to be the best he could be, but it was only his third Gathering when he got into a scrap with the ShadowClan apprentice, Webfur. Numerous fights with different cats occured in the many moons that followed, and it became almost a habit for Hawkflight. His favourite past time, however, would've had to be his many arguments with the ShadowClan Medicine Cat Apprentice, Shadowfang.

He wasn't even close to being halfway through his training when Shadowfang joined the Clan, much to his displeasure. If anything, the revelation that they were related to each other merely fueled their hosility, much to the disapproval of Shadowfang's new mentor, Featherpool. This didn't last long, however, when Shadowfang was abruptly put into training alongside him, and Hawkflight took pity on the she-cat. Any extra time was spent helping her catch up, occasionally with the help of his other sister, Ravenheart.

After reaching warriorhood, Hawkflight's first apprentice was a particularly lively one, and the tom found great amusement in her- mainly because she reminded him of himself when he was her age. However, a moon or so after this apprentice was made a warrior, she died in battle. He has no idea of any relation to any of his family, save for Shadowfang, Ravenheart and Falconpaw, and was told halfway through his apprenticeship that he had been adopted by Snowleopard.

Kin: Chaos-star (DarkClan; Great Uncle), Seastone (StarClan; Grandfather), Snakekit & Adderkit (StarClan; Uncles), Heatherkit (StarClan; Aunty), Dawncloud (ThunderClan; Aunty), Blizzard (Rogue; Uncle), Snowleopard (RiverClan; Aunty), Blazingstar (ShadowClan; Father), Featherpool (StarClan; Mother), Shadowfang & Ravenheart (RiverClan; Sisters), Falconpaw (RiverClan; Younger Brother), Smokefoot & Silvertongue (ShadowClan; Younger brother & Sister).

Crush: Open.

Mate: Open.

That one may not have come out as well. It's too early in the morning for me, and I'm so unlively.

message 3: by Ashcloud, The Boss! (new)

Ashcloud | 787 comments Mod
Cool! Good job! Kind of reminds me of Hawkfrost lol.

message 4: by Silverbreeze (new)

Silverbreeze | 6 comments Do you plan on creating Shadowfang, Jasmine?

message 5: by Ashcloud, The Boss! (new)

Ashcloud | 787 comments Mod
Hello! Nice to meet you!

message 6: by Silverbreeze (new)

Silverbreeze | 6 comments Name: Adderfang

Gender: M

Clan: RiverClan, and proud of it. He views RiverClan as one of the higher-ranking Clans that holds an advantage over everybody else, but is not arrogant about it. He knows that the other Clans can pose a threat and does not blind himself with overconfidence.

Rank: Warrior. Adderfang is not the sort of cat who ever dreamed of becoming leader, and only wanted to serve his Clan to the best of his ability. Whilst his brother had his eyes on the prize, Adderfang merely wanted to help RiverClan to become as powerful as possible.


Personality: Always there for his Clan and friends, Adderfang is a cat who is dedicated to the Warrior Code. RiverClan is always at the front of his mind, his own desires at the back, and the members of his Clan in the middle. He follows even the most ridiculous orders, but doesn't walk around obeying whatever his leader says like a mindless drone. His opinions are there, they're just never voiced. He's also the sort of tom who would look at it from others points of view to understand the reasoning behind their decisions. Actions speak louder than words, but Adderfang would never be the cat to start a rebellion if he didn't agree with something.

Adderfang is about as shy or quiet as he is judgemental. His arrogance can get to him sometimes, but he tries not to flaunt it too often. Instead, he has an aura of confidence about him. Due to this, many of the more shy cats tend to find safety in his self-assurance. It's either that, or they enjoy his unique sense of humor and easygoing nature. He may get competitive, but he always has good intentions at heart.

Adderfang may not have much to say, but his undying loyalty and humor speak for itself. He can get a little competitive and may be somewhat arrogant, but he's always there for his Clan and is supportive of anyone who may feel conflicted. He is not known for making friends in the other Clans, but isn't hostile towards them either.

History: I may make one later on.

Kin: Moondark (Brother)

Crush: None.

Mate: None.

Apprentice: Open.


message 7: by Silverbreeze (new)

Silverbreeze | 6 comments Name: Moondark

Gender: M

Clan: RiverClan

Rank: Warrior


Personality: As feircely loyal as this tom may be, this also makes him rather judgemental and opinionated. His devotion to his Clan runs a little too deep, as he strives to keep the Clan pure- and will use whatever means necessary. He despises anything that isn't FullClan, and is undoubtedly pleased that his current leader doesn't seem too accepting of them, either.

Like his brother Adderfang, Moondark is observant, and can catch onto things that other cats might miss. He's also very good at peicing clues together and uncovering secrets, so the next time he's giving you a smug look... beware. He is alot more arrogant than his brother, and his pride is a big boundary for him. He refuses to back down from his decisions, and will justify whatever he does no matter how pathetic an excuse he comes up with.

History: -

Kin: Adderfang (Brother)

Crush: None.

Mate: None.

Apprentice: Open.


message 8: by Ashcloud, The Boss! (new)

Ashcloud | 787 comments Mod
Really nice on both of them. Dang. You guys make my stupid descriptions look pathetic. Lol.

message 9: by Silverbreeze (new)

Silverbreeze | 6 comments Hello. My apologies that I did not see your post beforehand.

Hm. I am simply unable to write short descriptions. I feel I do not completely cover the character in it's whole complexity.

message 10: by Ashcloud, The Boss! (new)

Ashcloud | 787 comments Mod
The problem with me in descriptions is, I'll make a huge long one, and then my character's personality is totally different from what I posted.

message 11: by SpazzyJazzy (new)

SpazzyJazzy Aww... yours are fine! I've just been in far too many "Advanced" Roleplays.

And don't mind Sil *Pokes* She has no sense of humour :P

message 12: by Ashcloud, The Boss! (new)

Ashcloud | 787 comments Mod
Lol. Hi Jasmine!

message 13: by SpazzyJazzy (new)

SpazzyJazzy Hey, Ashcloud!

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Ashcloud | 787 comments Mod

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