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Position In Clan:

Name: Coldmoon
Position In Clan: Deputy
Description: A large bulky black cat with a splash of white on his face and one on his side. He is very muscular and very large for a tom with a large plumy black tail.
Eyes: Dark blue pools.
Personality: Depends on Roleplay. But he has great pride in his Clan.
Gender: Male.
Mate: Does not want one.
Kin: None.

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SpazzyJazzy We allowed to just take any important position?

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Yes. As long as you don't make a leader on every single one. Or a deputy or medicine cat. lol. But have fun.

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SpazzyJazzy Thanks. I will :P

Aw, man. I told myself I wouldn't do this but... *Facepalm* I can't resist. I'll start making a character now.

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SpazzyJazzy I'm not going to do it... I'm not going to do it... I'm not going to do it... Aw man. I'm going to do it.

Name: Blazingstar

Gender: M

Rank: Leader

Appearance: I'll keep this brief.

Blazingstar is a dark grey tom, his pelt adorned with the black, tiger-like markings that distinguish him as a tabby cat. The shade becomes lighter in tone as it nears his underbelly and paws, and he as a ringed tail that looks like the tip's been dipped in black ink. He's a fairly large kind of cat. His eyes are electric blue in colour, with emerald green flecks.


Blazingstar is very proud and arrogant in nature, but there will never come a time that he will forsake his Clan's safety for the sake of his pride. If he wants to do anything even halfway decent in his life, it would be that he would have the honour of dying with the knowledge that he had never purposely put his Clan at risk. This does not, however, stop him from looking with disdain upon the other Clans. They can all go jump off a cliff as far as he's concerned, it just means more land and prey for his Clan.

He is also nothing but determined. If he sets his mind on something, almost nothing can cause him to change it, and he'll doggedly pursue the matter of interest so long as it does not directly endanger his Clan. However, his desire to keep his Clan safe can often come into conflict with one of his other goals, which has always been a problem for him. Because Blazingstar's greatest weakness would have to be his need for vengance. In this case, this need for vengance would be against WindClan.

Blazingstar has a rather obvious dislike for WindClan. They were the ones who, upon a raid of his Clan, killed his mother and the majority of his littermates, afterall. If given the chance, he would not hesitate to exploit any weakness displayed by the Clan, and would love nothing more than to kill them all off or drive them out... permenantely. If they were in need and, for some odd reason, came to him for help, his decision would be split: kill them, or let them stay and use it against them later? His answer would entirely depend on the state of his own Clan.

Another thing would be his rather explosive temper. He can unexpectedly snap at times, and has a tendency to take his anger and frustration out on those around him. Things tend to build up over time when it comes to him, and with no real outlet for these feelings he tends to get furious and aggressive with whoever's closest with him. His bad moods are not, thankfully enough, hard to detect, though there's quite a build up over the days until he finally lashes out.

Despite his cold exterior, however, Blazingstar is not below showing affection for others. He would willingly lay down his life for those he deems of importance (namely his Clan and family). He's also surprisingly quite curious, a trait he's kept with him since kithood, and has a rather prominent thirst for knowledge. He is normally loyal towards those he knows he should be (with a few exceptions), though this may be overshadowed by when he was younger and without responsibility, which were the times he'd risk absolutely anything just to get what he wanted.

History: I'll try and keep this one brief, too. Summarising time.

Blazingstar belonged to a litter of five, with two brothers (Adderkit and Snakekit) and two sisters (Dawncloud and Heatherkit). His litter never knew the identity of their father, nor did the rest of the Clan, namely because their father didn't want them to be judged because of his origins. He was barely 3 moons old when WindClan attacked his Clan, killing his mother and three of his littermates. The only reason Blazingstar survived was because he'd left the Nursery, and had been saved from being trampled from the then-Deputy Seastone. Dawncloud had managed to stay hidden in the back of the Nursery.

Naturally, the death of his mother and littermates had a rather big effect on Blazingstar's life. He went from an enthusiastic and mischevious kit to one who was totally absorbed in domination and his lust for revenge. He became convinced that, if he was leader, nothing of the sort would ever happen again... not under his watch, anyway. Not to mention he believed it would give him the power he needed to launch a fullscale attack on the vile Clan, to avenge his fallen family.

His deceased Uncle Chaos-star did not help him, either. If anything, his DarkClan-bound uncle encouraged his new dark view on life, and saw it as an oppurunity to get his own revenge. Because the cats in Blazingstar's family were nothing if not oppurtunistic. Chaos-star trained the kit each night, all the while filling his head with false promises and devious lies. Young and easily impressionable, Blazingstar felt obliged to listen to him. During one such session, the night before his apprenticeship, Chaos-star ended up revealing the identity of Blazingstar's father: the RiverClan-born tom, Seastone, who was the Deputy of the Clan.

Needless to say, the tom remained bitter towards his father after that, and it did nothing for him when Seastone was made his mentor. If anything, it merely fanned the flames. Blazingstar had next to no respect for the Deputy, and refused to do as he was told, relying on Chaos-star to teach him everything. Chaos-star found much amusement in this, as the previous RiverClan leader has always held a grudge against his "pompous" brother. Somehow, Blazingstar made it through his apprenticeship, and stepped into warriorhood.

It was here when things began to get really serious in his life. Not only was he harbouring a crush on the RiverClan Medicine Cat Apprentice, Featherpool, whom he'd first met at a Gathering as an apprentice, but Chaos-star was becoming to get more insistent. He told Blazingstar that he could do great things, become leader of his Clan and get the revenge he'd sought for, but Seastone was the only thing standing in his way. The leader was old, anyway, and would die soon enough.

So Blazingstar did just that. He politely asked his mentor/father if he would go for a hunt with him, leading him to WindClan's border. It was here he killed him, covering him in WindClan's scent, before returning to Camp to report his death at WindClan's death. Sadly, the peace-loving leader did not wish to attack WindClan for their dead, deeming that it must have been on accident or unintentionally provoked. Whilst Blazingstar wasn't pleased with this, he was pleased with receiving the title of Deputy.

Blackhalf was Blazingstar's greatest friend. His mother cared for him and Dawncloud when their mother died, and he'd been a firm supporter of the tom throughout his life. It made sense, then, that he was the one who ended up telling the newly-made Deputy that Dawncloud, the Medicine Cat Apprentice and his sister, had seen him kill Seastone and planned on telling the entire Clan of Blazingstar's doings. She was promptly attacked by the pair and chased out of the Clan that night.

Whilst this was all happening, Featherpool had her first litter of kits belonging to Blazingstar. The she-cat's sister, whilst disapproving of Featherpool's relationship with the tom, claimed the kits as her own. There were three of them- two she-cats and one tom. Blazingstar ended up receiving one of them for himself when the Deputy sent out a group to raid the RiverClan Camp; a group he could trust not to talk. They returned with one of the she-cats- his daughter, Shadowfang.

By the time Blazingstar became leader, Shadowfang had discovered her origins and left the Clan. A few moons afterwards, and Featherpool had had another litter, this time with two toms and three she-cats: except two of the she-cats died. Her sister claimed them again, but this time Featherpool willingly gave him one of the toms and the she-cat, having a feeling the ShadowClan raid was no coincedence. Many moons later and Featherpool was dead, Blazingstar having finally snapped at the she-cat.

Having not seen or heard from Chaos-star since his Seastone's death, Blazingstar is mostly influence free, though he is somewhat ridden with guilt. He cannot forgive himself for killing his mate, and almost believes he never will. The two kits he was given, Smokefoot and Silvertongue, are both well aware that the leader is their father, though the identity of their mother is unknown, and they've learnt it's better not to ask questions when it comes to their father.

Kin: Chaos-star (DarkClan; Uncle), Seastone (StarClan; Father), Adderkit, Snakekit & Heatherkit (StarClan; Littermates), Dawncloud (ThunderClan; Sister), Hawkflight & Falconpaw (RiverClan; Sons), Shadowfang & Ravenheart (RiverClan; Daughters), Smokefoot & Silvertongue (ShadowClan; Son & Daughter).

Crush: Open.

Mate: Deceased.

Blazingstar you bum. I can't believe I made you *Prods with sharp stick* I've been suffering copy-n-paste withdrawals thanks to you and the collection of other copy-n-pastes.

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Okay. Good job though. I have a nice visual of him.

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This was really good. Can we do a thing where Rabbitstar gets scared of him becausethat even though the leader before him was the one who caused that massive war, he stil angry and attacks her often, which is especially bad since she's extrememly sickly?

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SpazzyJazzy Sure.

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Lets rp then!

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SpazzyJazzy Okie dokie.

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