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General > Help think of a name for members on our website...?

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▕ ▋ ♛ ▍Marisa  (VergeOfInsanity) Umm... what does this have to do with our group? I seriously hate it when people bring problems from other groups or websites to another group. Making a topic for it bugs me even more... what is worse this topic is here TWICE!!!

▕ ▋ ♛ ▍Marisa  (VergeOfInsanity) ... It just really bugs me...

▕ ▋ ♛ ▍Marisa  (VergeOfInsanity) And this is an RP group... not a post your blog group...

▕ ▋ ♛ ▍Marisa  (VergeOfInsanity) It also bugs me that you spelled my name wrong when it is on this page...

▕ ▋ ♛ ▍Marisa  (VergeOfInsanity) ... not our group


this website

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ummmm how about: Amazing street central?

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