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message 1: by kenzie, instant crush (last edited Aug 06, 2012 07:31AM) (new)

kenzie (theabsolutedream) | 3689 comments Mod
Claim your god. Mods must approve. Please, try to choose one of the 12 Olympians before others.


Describe him/her.


Hestia- Jasmine
Apollo- Kenzie
Artemis- Artemis
Morpheus- Ji Mei
Nyx- Darky!!
Eris- Jade
Astreos- Darky
Chronos (no, not the titan)- Kenzie
Any others...-

message 2: by kenzie, instant crush (last edited Jul 22, 2011 03:44PM) (new)

kenzie (theabsolutedream) | 3689 comments Mod

Name: Apollo
Appearance: I'm sorry, I know he's supposed to be blond, but he was voted most handsome god, and I've gotta go with my idea of handsome. Presenting...FITTY!
Personality: Annoying, humourous

message 3: by Poet in the Dark, Wanderer of the Universe (new)

Poet in the Dark (poetinthedark) | 2923 comments Mod
Name: Nyx
Appearance: Tall, thin, and very pale, Nyx is a bit like a ghost during the day. At night she's much more vibrant, for lack of a better word. Her hair is thick and lustrous, and reaches to her hips in soft waves. In the dark and at night, sometimes you'll see winks of silver peeking out at you, like stars. Her eyes are somewhat almond shaped, and a very deep, dark(almost black) blue. Her irises are ringed in silver and black. She has long, slender limbs, and her features are angular, but not sharp.
Personality: Nyx is quiet, but wise. She's usually pretty serious, but she does have a sense of humor. She's thoughtful, and prefers just to observe, rather than get in the middle of things.

Jasmine | ModernScrolls (modernscrolls) Name: Hestia
Appearance: Hestia can appear in the form of a young maiden, a teen, or a lady in her younger years {mid 20's}. She is slim and a bit tall, with auburn hair reaching the middle of her back. She has unique eyes that seem almost bronze in color.
Personality: Hestia is very quiet but actually enjoys company. She's always smiling and is always happy to help. She'll listen to your problems and is someone you can count on to have your back. Hestia normally doesn't partake in conversations and is usually alone, going un-noticed by most. She observes and listens, learning much about others.

message 5: by Jade♪☠ (new)

Jade♪☠ Name:Eris
Appearance:is tall, dark long hair and black eyes. Looks about 20s
Personality:She is loud and like to cause commotion.

message 6: by Poet in the Dark, Wanderer of the Universe (new)

Poet in the Dark (poetinthedark) | 2923 comments Mod
Wheeee. I'm gonna make Astreos, m'kay? He's a minor god.

message 7: by kenzie, instant crush (new)

kenzie (theabsolutedream) | 3689 comments Mod
Awrighty! Hmm...I need nother one...Apollo's not annoying enough..I need 2 annoying ones!

message 8: by Artemis (new)

Artemis (artemisknight) | 39 comments Name: Artemis (ha, ha)
Appearance: Tall, slender, but strong. Reddish brown hair, (is it possible to have that hair?) ivory skin, fierce and yet delicate features.
Personality: She is very sportive, strong, and activated. She is strong-willed, and skilled. She can be very cold when facing her enemies, but she is nice to her friends. Prefer action to planning.

message 9: by kenzie, instant crush (new)

kenzie (theabsolutedream) | 3689 comments Mod
Thats my hair colour...naturally.

message 10: by Artemis (new)

Artemis (artemisknight) | 39 comments Great! So there you go! Artemis has hair like you~ :)

(I'm a bit envious!)

message 11: by kenzie, instant crush (new)

kenzie (theabsolutedream) | 3689 comments Mod
Haha! But is it insanely curly?

message 12: by Poet in the Dark, Wanderer of the Universe (new)

Poet in the Dark (poetinthedark) | 2923 comments Mod
Mine is so bushy it's ridiculous. But I just got it cut, so hopefully that'll help.

message 13: by Artemis (new)

Artemis (artemisknight) | 39 comments I think Artemis should have short hair, considering she likes to hunt, and it must be annoying if her hair gets in her way. Though I guess they were pretty straight. :)

message 14: by kenzie, instant crush (new)

kenzie (theabsolutedream) | 3689 comments Mod
I need my hair cut again!! And coloured. 'cos in the summer, it loses that color Skinny likes!! It's just brownish blondish colour, instead of the reddish mix he described...

message 15: by Artemis (new)

Artemis (artemisknight) | 39 comments He? Who's he?

message 16: by kenzie, instant crush (new)

kenzie (theabsolutedream) | 3689 comments Mod
Skinny? :) He's cool.

Hey, will you look at the top post please? Top line?

message 17: by kenzie, instant crush (new)

kenzie (theabsolutedream) | 3689 comments Mod
Appearance: I don't know his name, but he's the powdered wig pianist on Selena Gomez's music video "Love You Like A Love Song". My bros were watchin' Disney Channel, I saw him, and loved him.
Personality: Talks A LOT!!!

Jasmine | ModernScrolls (modernscrolls) Can I be Hades as well?

Jasmine | ModernScrolls (modernscrolls) Name: Hades
Appearance: Hades has pale skin and shiny black hair. He normally has his hair short, but may sometime let it grow out. He's muscular and is frightening in general, giving off an aura of death. Of course, he's the god of the Underworld, so why wouldn't he?
Personality: Very introverted and not really widely accepted by all the gods and goddesses. But he can be very funny sometimes and he's very sarcastic.

message 20: by kenzie, instant crush (new)

kenzie (theabsolutedream) | 3689 comments Mod
Hey, everyone, remember to check the top post regularly! Darky, you wanted Astreos, right?

message 21: by [deleted user] (last edited Aug 06, 2012 12:50AM) (new)

Name: Aphrodite
Appearance: Long auburn hair, brilliant blue eyes but she can change her hair or eye color easily and make it dazzling, though she prefers her auburn hair and stunning blue eyes. She is irresistible and there is no look for her that does not work. She looks young, about in the early twenties, she has a dazzling glow to her and always wears something stunning.
Personality: She is soft spoken and is not flirtatious, she doesn't need to be, she can gain male attention from just a simple look. But she does know her beauty and she can come off as smug or arrogant. She loves to make love, no not that kind, she likes and make people love each other, almost as if she is putting a spell on them she can make them fall deeply in love, which brings a smile on her face.

message 22: by [deleted user] (new)

Could I have Enyo and Zeus?

message 23: by soleil (new)

soleil (solxilx) Name: Iris
Appearance: http://camphalfblood.wikia.com/wiki/B...
Iris has black hair and warm brown eyes.
Personality: Iris is a free spirit. She is a strictly non-violent goddess who only attacks in self defense. She is also upset that living a life for others (by delivering messages for others) has left her with no identity, as there are no shrines to her or a sacred animal.


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