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Ashcloud Sam panted as he climbed up a hill, his legs wobbly, his breath ragged. His small body hurt from the effort until he finally collapsed to rest. He cursed himself for not being stronger.

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Ashcloud Sam looked up and tried to get up. He was very skittish, and wanted to bolt. He managed to get up and get a little bit of speed.

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Ashcloud Sam looked at him warily, panting. He collapsed again, but showed he somewhat trusted the white horse.

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Ashcloud Sam shook his head..."I'm just weak and sickly. I'm not very strong."

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Ashcloud "I do. I was just born with a poor immune system...and I'm to small." said Sam miserably.

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Ashcloud "How..." said Sam, looking at the horse, ears pricked.

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Ashcloud Sam thought about it. The horse seemed nice enough. He nodded.

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Ashcloud Sam stood up, and began running.

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Ashcloud Sam began running, he ran for about 7 minutes before tiring out and collapsing into a coughing fit again.

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Ashcloud "I might be. I go on and off." said Sam.

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Ashcloud Sam shook his head, "I don't want to be near humans. They took some of my herd when I'm there...I don't want to be with them."

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Ashcloud "They took my parents. I don't trust them." He was beggining to walk away when suddenly a rope went around his neck. He whinnied loudly and tried to fight if off, but he was not strong enough to shake them loose.

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Ashcloud (okay.)
Sam was struggling against his anger towards Casper and trying to move with the human on top of him. It was making him stuggle harder.

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Ashcloud Sam stubbornly didn't follow and tried to make a pathetic run for it.

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Ashcloud Sam whinnied and tried to tug, but soon he was in the trailer, brooding quietly.

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Ashcloud Sam had been tied to a rope for his own safety, so he had to remain in his place. He tried tugging, but couldn't budge. He sighed and just glared venomously at Casper.

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Ashcloud ((Okay and woops.))

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Ashcloud :)

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