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ƒσαℓєη | 18 comments Phantom trotted around the herd, seeking out danger if there were any. He saw Moon and flattened his ears. He didn't likehim being around the mares. Next time he fooled or flirted with them, he would be exiled.

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ƒσαℓєη | 18 comments Phantom snorted, glaring at Moon. He slowly trekked around the herd. Suddenly, he bit down extremely hard on Moon's hock. With his size and weight, Phantom jerked his head making fall off his hooves. He kicked him with immense strength over and over again. "Leave from here! Or know where your place is in this herd!" He bit down on Moon's maw and didn't let go.

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ƒσαℓєη | 18 comments "Foolish foal, you should leave while you still can!" He lashed right under him as he reared up, scraping him badly making Moon's blood flow. His sharp teeth gripped the muscle tissue under his maw, tearing it slowly. He was still lashing out his hooves and scraping him over and over again, wounding him now. He urged himself up and brought down Moon, his maw still in his jaws, beginning to twist his head. There was extreme indignation in his eyes, as his nostrils flared and ears were flat back. He began to hoof him in this state.

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ƒσαℓєη | 18 comments Phantom let out a victory neigh and reared. He snorted and moved his herd farther away from Moon. He was also injured, having a deep gash near his shoulder and other cuts and bruises near that wound. His injuries would heal in time, but his main priority was to keep an eye on Moon and keep the herd safe.

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ƒσαℓєη | 18 comments Phantom heard the helicopter and the truck and alerted the herd. They ran as fast as they could away from the machines.

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Hope Willow neighed loudly as she galloped along beside Phantom, trying to get away from the humans. Her hooves threw clouds of dust into the air and she threw herself forward almost violently with each stride in her haste to get away.

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Hope Willow heard the distinct sounds of Moon's tired hoofbeats as he was led into the trailer. She snorted in contempt. Obviously he derserved to be with humans, as he had not only foolishly challenged Phantom but lost the fight as well. He was nothing but a flirt and a trouble-maker, two things that she hated. The herd was better off without him.

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Star ran to Willow."What happen??Where's Moon?!"She snorted some.

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Hope Willow rolled her eyes. "He got ran off. By Phantom." She jerked her head at the larger stallion.

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"Well...."Her eyes looked around madly."We need to save him!"She snorted.

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Hope Willow glared. "No, he doesn't need saved. Moon brought this on himself."

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Star snorted some.She made a deep sigh and turned to Phantom.Her eyes in a deep glare.As the wend shuttered thrue her black soft main.

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ƒσαℓєη | 18 comments Phantom glanced at Star and began to graze.

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Star slowly looked down,Her eyes in a layer of tears.Ofcoruse,It didn't show.As she walked away,Her short plack pelt flicking.Her tail blowing in the wind.

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Hope Willow lowered her head and began to graze, flicking her tail to keep the flies away from heer rump.

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ƒσαℓєη | 18 comments Phantom began to patrol around the herd.

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As one hoove went down,Another went up.To her,she didn't like anyone that much.Snorrting and whinning she stoped the ground.

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