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message 1: by TG (new)

TG From the start, have u always thought Neferet was bad??

Victoria meyer I did not think there was any thing bad about Neferet in the first book until the end it kinda started to look fishy. Definatly in the second book i started to see signs utill it just came out and said it. I still cant believe that hardly no one else can see what she is and what she is doing.

Madeline same here

C.C. I was suspicious of her... You too beautiful, too nice. It seems she's keeping a close eye on Zoey and her friends too much. Yeah somethings fishy :))

Azhia I didnt i really liked her :/ Now she's an evil bitch & zoey must demolish her !!!!!

message 6: by TG (new)

TG great minds think alike LOL

Veronica At first i kinda liked, later i started hating her.

Sierra I thought she was a very good mentor. I never realized later she would screw Zoey and the rest of them over. I liked her in like the first 2 or 3 books I think then she became a royal hag.

message 9: by TG (new)

TG lol

Maggi ikr
btw join my new group called Future Stars! :)
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Sapphire I liked her at first, and I thought she was really nice and understanding...but then I was starting to get suspicious during the third... She is a hag bitch from hell... Like the twins would say ;D

message 12: by iomai (last edited Aug 07, 2011 10:16AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

iomai book lover wrote: "I didn't i really liked her :/ Now she's an evil bitch & zoey must demolish her !!!!!"

Ikr. at first i thought she was very nice. then a little creepy then a full ugly ass bitch! She should die slowly and painfully! I dont give a flyin fuck what she wants to do it's evil and i dont like it. She is an ugly ass bitch.I just no that Zoey's gonna beat her

Michael Moore yes i thought neferect was bad
and agree with carly love aphrodite

message 14: by Emm (new) - rated it 5 stars

Emm I know this sounds so tipical but i knew something was wrong with neferet... even in the beginning like i just had a sneaky feeling. and it was true. :)

Brandi i think nerfet is ok she put the evil in the book and i think that is what it needed in untamed

Sarah i agree with BRANDI, there definately needed to be some evil or the series would be boring. i couldn't believe neferet killed linda, zoeys mom!!! i hope heath can remember what he is supposed to do when he comes back. can't wait for the next one! hopefully neferet will get trapped and stay there since she can't die.

message 17: by Emm (new) - rated it 5 stars

Emm Me too! That was just cruel... really good cliff hanger i think :D still looking forward to the other couples storys.

Sarah like stevie rae and referiam (i forgot how to spell his name. lol) im interested to see where that goes. what do you think will happen?? do you think aphroditie will ever get her mark back?
and stark *dreamy sigh* :)

message 19: by Emm (new) - rated it 5 stars

Emm ^^ i agree with that... wats gonna happen with heath!... man... i cant wait

Brandi yeah me neither i cant wait to see if zoey and stark will stay together and i hope nerfet gets what she deserves and i wounder if aphroditie gets her mark back to cause she was a kick ass vamp

message 21: by J (new) - rated it 4 stars

J i was lyk somethings wrong somewhere the nefrets truth cums out im like OKAYY.....she seems so sweet but ......

Brandi yeah i know in the beggining she was so sweet and innocent and then bam she was evil

message 23: by J (new) - rated it 4 stars

J still readin chosen....and i felt so sick when lauren and zoey.....cudnt go further but i have 2 finish it....

Brandi yeah i read all of them even the new one and yeah the Lauren tricked zoey i mean that was sick move on his part

Mansi I've always suspected her.... I mean I think it was pretty obvious at the end of the book what she was planning to do......

Amelia In the very beginning I had no idea that Neferet would turn out to be this evil, twisted woman - I thought she seemed lovely and was obviously too blinded to notice or suspect anything!

Bella From book 1 I didnt like her I had a feeling she was evil!!!

Sarah i didn't think she would be evil. i thought she'd be what zoey wanted her to be, a loving mother figure. i thought something was up with the lauren thing. zoey is special but no way did he have a thing for her. did you guys see that paramount picked it up to be a movie. i hope they don't screw it up and disappoint me. i think who ever directs it should read the series first.
it'd be awesome if aphrodite got her mark back. what do you think if she got a different color mark tho?? like instead of blue or red it be like gold or something

message 29: by [deleted user] (new)

id say kill the witch!!!

Hollyddunn I've always thought Neferet was evil. Or at least bad and up to something I think I was a little surprised to find out how evil she truly was but after that nothing she did surprised me. SOOOO mad at her over Jack though :( grrr. But yes we have to have some evil force to battle or the story would be boring. I don't know how much longer this is gonna go on but Zoey HAS to beat her or there are gonna be a lot of ticked off fans out there.

Also I'd like to see Aphrodite do something and earn back her mark somehow and yeah for her to be another different kind would be neat but i don't know how they would do that, she'd be the only one of her kind if that were the case. But for her she'd probably love that. Or maybe the mark just looks different cause it left and came back so it can't be the original mark but she's still a normal vamp. I'm thinking a purple mark would be good.

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Hollyddunn wrote: "I've always thought Neferet was evil. Or at least bad and up to something I think I was a little surprised to find out how evil she truly was but after that nothing she did surprised me. SOOOO mad ..."

a purple mark omg that whould be so awesome and then Aphrodite and Darius can be together

message 32: by Andi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Andi From the very start I didn't like Neferet & when she started to question Zoey about her made me really question her character even more then when I found out how truly evil she was it made my blood boil! Now when she does something it really doesn't surprise me any more!

message 33: by [deleted user] (new)

I know i have Marked with me right now and i love to read them im a houseofnightoloic lol

message 34: by [deleted user] (new)

I was never suspicious of neferet first time I read marked...... Now I know how she turned out I can see that small signs that she was evil in marked.

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