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Haley (hdhappyduck) | 337 comments Mod
Welcome to The Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Dorm. The people in this dorm are: Abigail, Drew, Alexa

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Haley (hdhappyduck) | 337 comments Mod
This dorm is for girls. (DUH!!!)

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Guess I'm in this dorm :)

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SWEET! WASSUP? I'm Drew. Ur Bunkmate.

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:) The sky, Joke. I'm good. So what bunk do I get? Top or bottom?

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I dont care there is more than one bunk we should both claim top so we can talk at nite.

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Drew slips into her pajamas after a nice long shower and goes to her bunk. She texts jake goodnight and goes to sleep happily.

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Alexa hops into bed and sees Drew sleeping. "Nighty-nighttime Drew. Don't let the ghosts haunt you." She jokes. Now snoring. . .

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"Morning, Alexa!" Drew says, and heads to the bathroom to freshen up.

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Alexa groans. "What time is it?" The sun flashes in her blue eyes then she squints. "So bright!"

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"It's 8:15." Says drew, who is just coming out of the shower.

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"8:15? Great. . ." She grumbles and gets of the bed. She almost tripped over her bag. She puts on her glasses immediately. "Sorry. I don't show people my eyes."

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Oh no no problem. i dont show people my secret passageways.

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Alexa grabs the towel hanging from her bunk. "My turn to shower!"

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Alexa finishes showering and quickly changes into her black Cnoverse, dark blue t-shirt, and black jeans. "Going to explore, Drew. See ya later!"

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"Alright, but dont be surprised if i follow you!" She Laughs.

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Drew enters the dorm. She puts on her favorite pajamas and hops in her bunk. She pulls out her dvd player and watches her favorite movie- Harry potter and the deathly hallows part 2. Then she reads some of her book, the hunger games. She listens to her favorite song, hoodie ninja, and listens to tom felton, who is SUPER cute.

But nothing helps. she cant go to sleep.

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Alexa enters the dorm and sees Drew watching HP7P2.

(Haven't watched that movie so don't spoil it XD)

"Drew, I'm bored. . ."

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*Drew ignores her. she feels guilty about what she did and wishes the clock would turn back in time.*

(I really do with i could turn back the hands of time...)

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((Hey Drew want to RP?))

message 21: by [deleted user] (new)

Not right now, Bryen.)

message 22: by [deleted user] (new)

((Oh why not?...I'm new and kind of lost and I have a lot of questions like if this is an academy group where are the classes...please))

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(oh well may b in a few minutes. there r no classes yet, so...)

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Alexa enters her room and puts in her iPod. "There are two new students here. One of them, Jake A. helped me." Alexa rolls her eyes. "I can't believe I blushed. ME! Of all people. I've been through killer ghosts and even alligator ghosts." She plunks on her bed. "Whatever." She falls asleep later. . .

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Jake knocked on the door about 5 hours after the whole magic kiss thing

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Alexa groans and turned, but accidently drops off the top bunk. "uggh, how many acccidents am I coming in to today?" She opens the door and was surprised to find Jake A. here. "She yawns. "Yes?"

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He smiled "Call me Luca" He smiled

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Alexa grins. "Luca? Sure, whatever."

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He smiled "Can I come in?" He asked

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Alexa scans the room. It was a bit messy, but it'll do. "Sure." She opens the door widely. "So how are you liking the school so far?" She asks.

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"I love it....I can be with other Chachrites..." He smiled stepping in

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"It is the name of a godly being in charekee" He smiled

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Alexa nods. "Me? Godly?" Alexa laughs. "Yeah, right, I can only see and talk to ghosts."

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"That is godly..." He smiled at her and walked around the room

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Alexa picks up her iPod on the floor and puts in on her bed. "So, what dorm are you staying in? Have you met the other Jake? He and Drew are going out."

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He looked at her "The Nerdy dorm....and no I haven't but cute a gay couple"

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Alexa raises her eyebrows. "Oh no, Drew and Jake isn't a gay couple. Drew is the Head of the School newspaper."

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"Oh Drew is a girl...oops..." He smiled at her brightly

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"Nah, it's okay. So what did you need again?" She asks.

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He frowned "I just wanted to say sorry fot the whole kissing thing"

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Alexa nods. "That's okay, I guess. No harm done. You did heal me of course." Alexa pushes up her sunglasses from falling.

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He walked over to her "Can....Can I see your eyes?"

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Alexa looks to the floor. She frowns. "No one except me has ever seen my eyes. Except the ghosts."

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He tilted her chin up and smiled as he slowly pulled off her sunglasses

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Alexa takes back her glasses. "Did you see them?" She whispers. She frowns.

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"They're my only connection with ghosts. If something wrong happens to them, I turn back into a normal human being. "She says, putting on her glasses.

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He smiled "Yes....there beautiful"

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