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ƒσαℓєη | 18 comments Name: Phantom
Age: 5 years
Gender: Male
Rank: Lead Stallion
Appearance: Big, bulky. Midnight-black. Eyes are a chocolately-brown, long mane and tail.
Personality: Protective, Tenacious. He's mysterious at times, and doesn't really interact with the herd. A good leader and prevents danger at all costs. Absolutely hates humans.
History: He's been in the wild his whole life, being kicked out of his birth herd when he was a foal. Creatures have helped him along the way, like burros in loners. He's been captured before, but managed to escape.
Crush: Open
Mate: Open
Kin: Unknown

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Hope Name: Willow

Age: Five years

Gender: Female (Mare)

Rank: Lead Mare

Appearance: Willow is a chestnut colored mare with a white star design on her forehead. Her nose is dark grey/black and stands out compared to her lighter colored mane and deep redish coat.


Personality: Willow is a strong, feisty mare. She has a firey temper and hates to be challenged/insulted. She is rather brisk with everyone, especially other mares. She does not tolerate flirty or arrogant stallions. Despite her toughness, Willow is very gentle around foals and would love to have a mate.

History: Willow was born in the wild, to a young mare named Elm. Elm really hadn't wanted a foal, so at night, when Willow was about a month old, she left without looking back. It was her abandonment that made Willow the hardened horse she is today. Perhaps, if her mother had stayed, things would be different...

Crush: N/A

Mate: None, but she is looking.

Kin: Elm (mother, whereabouts unknown)

Other: N/A

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Age: 3 years
Rank: Mare
Appearance: [image error]
Personality:She is alittle snapy and mostly stays near the back of the herd.Her nice and happy life shows as soon as you s her.She is also quite loud,She will bursht things out when she is not heard.
History:She was born into the rocky mountain herd.She hasn't met any staillon yet bt soon hopes to fine him,Her mother once told her too be awar of wolves,They will hunt her down.
Kin: Rain(Mother) Sky (Father)

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ash. Name: Jade
Age: 4 years
Gender: Mare
Rank: Mare
Appearance: [image error]
Personality: Jade is a really tough mare she does not let anything stand in her way. she can be really bratty and snippy at times but that is only because she is a young fearless mare. she LOVES to play she will spend all day playing if she could. but soon Jade will realize that playing and being tough and brave isent everything she is young and she still has lots to learn.

History: Jade was born into this herd. her mother died of old age because her mom hade her at a really late age. Jade never new her father.
Jade let her toughness and bravery get to her head one day she she was stomping on a rattelsnake, trying to kill it she missed it and it sticked at her leg and bit her after it bit her Jade got made and stoped on it killing the snake. a few seconds latter Jade was on the edge of death the venom got to her, she was scared and though she was going to die. but lucky her there wasn't that muck venom and it passed over a coupel of days after she was bit. Jade still hasn't learn her leason from that day.
Kin: mother dead. father dosent know were he is.

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