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Live and Let die

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message 1: by Michael (new)

Michael Richards (michaelc1) I begin "Live and Let die" today. Your comments about the book are welcome here.

message 2: by Michael (new)

Michael Richards (michaelc1) Quick read so far. Started the book on Saturday night and now (Monday morning) I'm 3/4 of the way through it. Lots of action and violence (I like that). The villains comprise an African American syndicate and the (sometimes) racist descriptions constantly remind me that the book was written in the 50s.

message 3: by Mr.Jamie (new)

Mr.Jamie (mrjamie) | 5 comments Live and Let Die was one of my favorite of Fleming's stories. I love the action!

message 4: by Michael (last edited Apr 01, 2012 12:42PM) (new)

Michael Richards (michaelc1) I finished the book the other night. Impressions:

--A very exciting book. Action packed (especially at the end). the conflict is not confined to man vs. man, but to man vs. nature as well which heightens the suspense somewhat.
--The racist comments were unsettling to say the least, but given the publication date (1954) and the British point of view, it was probably well within the mainstream for its time.
--I continue to be impressed by Bond being portrayed as a fallible human being (unlike the character in the movies). He even shed a tear after a particularly nerve racking episode.
--The setting moves nicely from NYC to St. Petersburg to Jamaica.
--I would definitely read this one again. Of the three Bond books I've read to date, this was the best one.
--4 stars.

message 5: by Cosmic (new)

Cosmic Dwellings | 6 comments I like 'Live and Let Die' as it's what I personally class as the first "James Bond action-packed travelogue" with a dash of everything Bond in there. Therefore, I feel we accelerate up the gears a little further plot-wise than the original 'Casino Royale'. However, I do prefer 'C.R.' as a better read.

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