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Haley (hdhappyduck) | 337 comments Mod
A patio with a big, sparkling fountain in the middle with benches surrounding it.

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Or so she thinks, as Drew is watching her from the shadows.

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And she should. Drew is doing a report on what people do in their free time for the school newspaper.

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Adrianna | 290 comments Mod
Cece walks into the courtyard and sees Will. Will sees her and runs to her smiling and then hugging her and says" Hey Cece how are you"

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Drew watches from shadows."Aww! how cute are they?" she thinks

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Adrianna | 290 comments Mod
Cece replies "doing fine and you". Will lightly kisses her forehead and says"good want to do something"

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Drew leaves

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Adrianna | 290 comments Mod
"Uh well first i need to get a big rock for my powers.Will nods and then says" let me help yeah then" then they walked to the lake to find some big rocks.

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Drew rushes back to the lake.

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Haley (hdhappyduck) | 337 comments Mod
Rogue sits on the edge of the fountain. She takes her gloves off and dips her hand in the water. She sighs becuase she is sad. She stares at her refletion then splashs it away. She leaves for the Relax Room to find a nice book to read.

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"I hope you can handle a few miles, Jake A." Alexa says stretching her arms before she jogs.

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He jogs after her and says "Luca..."

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"So we're going to run around the courtyard two times, then around the lake. Sound okay to you?" She asks him.

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He nodded and ran beside her

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As they ran, Alexa was curious. "So who were you before you came to this school?"

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"What do you mean?" He asked still getting use to the whole school and magic powers thing

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"Like what was your past before you came to this school. . . Your family, your friends. . .?"

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He smiled " family hated friend loved me until I killed one of them...and I lived in Tulsa Oklahoma"

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Alexa frowns. "Whoops, shouldn't have asked that question. My past was just as bad. My family died in a fire accident a long time ago, I only survived. The police thought I caused the fire and they chased me down. I was little. I was scared. So I ran away, went to schools using fake signatures, grew my own food, you get it. I found this school. That's why I'm so protective with my friends. . ." Alexa stops and takes a drink from her bottle. She gestured to Luca. "You want some?"

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He smiled and shook his head "To many calories"

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"Water has too many calories?" Alexa raises her eyebrows. "It's not beer, hahaah, did you think it was?"

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He shakes his head "There is 185 calories in a bottle of water...too many"

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Alexa nods, "Ohhh. Really? Wow, never knew that." She pushes up her sunglasses to take a look at the Nutrition Facts. "Damn, I have to get much better glasses thanthese. They keep sliding off sometimes."

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He smiled and sent BRAVE and PROUD her way "You shouldn't wear them at all...they hide your pretty eyes"

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"Exactly why I'm hiding them. Come on let's go." We jogged to the lake.

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He followed her

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"How'd you find this school?"

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He smiled "I....I...." He smiled "I got an emotion reading here....higher then any school...anywhere"

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"You seem nervous." Alexa stops right at the lake. Her favorite spot. "You know what? Let's go swimming." But before Luca stopped her, she cannonballed into the lake. "Come on!"

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He smiled and took off his shows and shirt to shoes a six pack and pecks he dove in

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(I have to go, my last post)

Alexa laughs as she swims everywhere.

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((KK Bye))

He swims around and then dives under

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She floats on her back, squinting because of the bright sun.

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He smiled and swam to her

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"Having fun now?" She asks Jake.

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Jake smiled and kissed her cheek "Thanks for letting me come with you"

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Alexa smiles, "You're welcome." She comes over to him and kisses the corner of his lips, right where he did in the Infirmary. His hair seems to glisten in the sun. She found it attractive.

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Alexa looks down at her clothes. "Great, now I have to dry these off." She said.

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He blushed at the kiss

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She looks at the descending sun. "It's getting dark. We've got to get going." She wades to the shore of the lake. She carries her Converse and puts her glasses back in her eyes.

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Alexa was a the door of her dorm, dripping wet." I really had a fun time with you today, Luca."

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He smiled and looked at her remembering her beautiful eye he leaned down and kissed he4 r really softly

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Alexa returns the kiss, brushing her hand through his blonde hair. The kiss felt really good.

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He pulled away and rested his forehead on her's and he let her do the same

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"Good night, Luca." She whispered.

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"Good night cutie" H smiled at her

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Alexa walks to the Courtyard and sits down on the fountain. Sprinkles of water splashes on her face, but she doesn't care.

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She finishes the book and heads to the Relax Room.

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Haley (hdhappyduck) | 337 comments Mod
Jake walks through the gates and says, "Hey everone I am back from my trip."

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Jake?" Drew comes out of the shadows.

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