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Haley (hdhappyduck) | 337 comments Mod
A very dark forest, easy place to get hurt.

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"Any ghosts here?" Alexa asks. She listens closely so she can hear any rustling. Nothing. Strange for a forest.
She takes off her sunglasses and asks again. No one answers. She walks off and says to herself she'll come back later.

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Drew follows her out of the forest quietly.

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Adrianna | 290 comments Mod
Cece looks around for a big rock but the only thing she sees is trees. She decides to find Will to help her.

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Drew goes to find will in the shadows, curious, because they have not met yet.

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Adrianna | 290 comments Mod
She just remembered where he is in the courtyard.

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Drew is still searching until she sees adrianna in the courtyard with a semi-cute boy who she assumes is will.

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Alexa walks in again. Being careful for the throns and rocks and vines. Yeah, someone would totally get hurt here, she thought to herself. She took off her glasses to reveal her eyes. "Ghosts, I now you're here."

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She heard some rustiling sounds and then turned around. She the faded body of a little boy. He had a head wound, which is obviously the cause of his death. Alexa bends her knees. "Who are you, little boy?" She asks.

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Haley (hdhappyduck) | 337 comments Mod
Tad walks through the forest. He does this a lot in the mourning. Suddenly he sees something. As he gets closer he realizes its a little girl girl he picks her up and rushes her to the infirmary.

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The little boy runs away and dissappears. Alexa sighs. "Maybe later." She carefully exits the forest.

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Drew is watching. 'Why was tad in here...?' she thinks.

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Haley (hdhappyduck) | 337 comments Mod
Love wrote: "The little boy runs away and dissappears. Alexa sighs. "Maybe later." She carefully exits the forest."

(HE IS NOT LITTLE HES 17!!!!!!!!)

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(no I was talking about the little ghost boy)

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Haley (hdhappyduck) | 337 comments Mod
(O sorry you should have said that cuz it sounded like tad running through the forest.)

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(ha ha hey haley how do you like your title?)

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Alexa walks around the forest, with her hands in her pockets. It was so cold, but she didn't care.

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Then she turned left, and tripped over a branch. "Shit! Ughhh, it hurts." She tried to stand up but her ankle brought her screaming. She closes her eyes to block the pain but it was still there. Opening her eyes, she sees the little ghosts boy again. "Who are you?" She tries to say calmfully. Ghosts don't like it if you talk loudly. The little boy just runs away. The pain in her ankle is still killing her. "HELP!"

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Jake runs in and sees Alexa he runs to help her

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"Who are you?" Alexa says. "Are you new?" She screams 'cause of her ankle.

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He picked her up and sent CALM her way "I'm Jake Avalon" He smiled

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The blonde hair boy picked her up. All of a sudden, she felt calm. "That's your power?" She asks. Her eyes closing in calmness. It felt like she was sleeping.

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He nodded "Controling emotions and my Intercognitive memory" He walked with her holding her close to him

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Alexa suddenly yawns. She groggily points to a hallway. "That way is the. . . the Infirmary." She says yawning. The feeling of CALM was so strong.

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He stopped and send HAPPY at her as he walked more

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Alexa suddely felt joy rushing through her veins. They entered the Infirmary.

(It's at the Places inside School folder)

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Alexa enters the Forest and looks around to make sure nobody is there. Then she removes her glasses. She quotes Edgar Allan Poe which is used to call up ghosts. "The Spirits of the dead, who stood in life before thee, are again In death around thee. Zayla, Cameron, and Liz I need you!"

For a moment nothing happens, then three faded bodies appear right in front of me.

"Hey Lexa, you need something?" Cameron asks. He looks normal from the last time I saw him. The only thing that bothers me about him is the wound through his heart. Where the bullet pierced him.

"Yeah, can you find a friend of mine? She's missing."

Zayla grins. "Of course we can, Lex!" She salutes and the three fades away before I can say "Thanks."

They are so cool, Alexa whispers.

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Alexa clumsily walks in. She takes out her glasses and calls Zayla, Cameron, and Liz.

The three misty ghosts appeared.

"Did you find Rogue?" She asks them.

"Sorry, Lex, we couldn't."

"We searched everywhere."


Alexa sighs. "Never mind it's okay."
The ghosts nodded and slowly dissapeared. Then, dissapointed, she leaves the Forest.

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