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((Takes place in the abandoned capital city of Washington D.C))

Winter Rose Phantom Ryssa Winters waited to be awoken, she was frozen almost a thousand years ago in an underground lab under the White house

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Marvin awoke. He looked around at his surroundings. After dusting off the dirt and trash off of himself he examined his hand. It was cold and made of metal.

Winter Rose Phantom The timer on her Frezer clicked and she began to defrost.

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He tried to stand, but fell over. He tried a second time, a third, and finally managed to get up on the fourth.

Winter Rose Phantom The tank slowly drained of the water and she opened her eyes, expecting to see someone out there.

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Marven suddenly got pushed over by some kind of liquid. A pipe was disconnected and had been aimed right at him. He sighed, but it sounded metalic and emotionless. He stood up and followed to pipe, maybe it would lead to something? Afterall, it had to have been draining something, somewhere.

Winter Rose Phantom Russa looked around the room from where she was, How long has it been?

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Marven came across a strange other being at the end of the pipe. The pipe had drained some kind of container of sorts. The being looked around, not so unlike Marven had a short while ago. He hoped it wouldn't see him until he could tell wheather is was a threat or not.

Winter Rose Phantom Ryssa looked around the container, confused a moment.

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He continued to watch, a bit unsure. It didn't look like him... Just what is this thing? He thought to himself.

Winter Rose Phantom Her ears twitched and her unusual golden eyes looked around the room.

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He ducked down and covered his head. Not making any noise.

Winter Rose Phantom She looked around on the bottom of the tank, feeling the bottom. Her Tail was up in the air and she smiled when she found a small flip switch. She pressed it and the tank hissed and a door podpped open.

((She's completely Naked FYI You cant go into a freezer like that with clothing))

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((Dude, Marven is a robot. Not an organic being. He doesn't even know what you are, let alone what is normal moral code for beings like humans. So no worries.))

Startled, he peeked through his hands at the sound.

Winter Rose Phantom ((I know, I was just stating a fact though.))

She smiled and jumped out of the tank, breathing in the stale air. Looking around the room she sighed, "What has happened here?"

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The sound of her voice starled him even further. "You can speak?" He asked without thought and quickly covered his mouth with his hands. He was supposed to be hiding. Oops.

Winter Rose Phantom She blinked and turned to see him, "Who are you?" She asked in a melodic voice. She wasn't excpecting to see and forms of Life this far in the future.

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Marven sighed. His metalic voice spoke up again. "I am... Marven. I'm not sure what's going on. What are you? I need... Data." He glanced around. "I need a computer..."

Winter Rose Phantom She pointed to herself, "Me? What am I? I'm a Neko." She looked st him with her unusual eyes, "You're cold and metal looking, There's a computer in the back." SHe said and turned to pick up something out of a locker that was coneccted to the tank.

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He nodded, uncertain, but headed to the computer she mentioned and plugged himself in and started to "talk" to it, gathering information. His eyes flashed.

Winter Rose Phantom Ryssa dressed and snapped her katana to her side in it's sheath.

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He finished and looked up. "I'm a robot." He said his metalic voice actually sounded sad. "A creation made by humans for their convenience." He hung his head. "Me. Even with all of my intelligence, I am just a machine without purpose and life." He grumbled.

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Eating Burrito's | 162 comments Devyn suddenly felt ice cold water as he woke up. He swam to the top and took in some chilly air. He got out of the pool and ran into a building to try to get warm.

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Marven sighed. He had learned a lot from the computer, now everything was clearer. "So you are a Neko. Welcome back to the Earth. Hope it's just dandy for you." He droned, though his words dripped in sarcasm.

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((Same building? Did your character walk into the same building as Marven and Ryssa?))

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Eating Burrito's | 162 comments ((Oh sure...sorry.))
Devyn walked into the room with his hand on his head, "Did I miss something here?" Devyn asked.

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((Haha, no. Don't worry about it. I was simply misunderstanding. ^^ ))

Marven turned. "No. Not really." He looked Devyn over. "I am Marven. Nice to meet you. And you are...?"

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Eating Burrito's | 162 comments ((sank you.))
"Devyn," Devyn smiled then scrunched up his nose, "Ew I smell a wet neko."

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Marven nodded. "That would be that girl, over there." He said motioning over with a small gesture. "She just 'woke up.' Did you as well?"

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Eating Burrito's | 162 comments Devyn put his arm over his nose, "Yeah, I did."

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"I see. Well, I have gained a large amount of Data from that computer a moment ago. Seems the people who did not freeze themselves years ago to awake later are all dead. Except non-organic beings such as myself." He grumbled at the last part. "It has been more that a few years since you two have been frozen."

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Eating Burrito's | 162 comments "Kinda figured," Devyn then went to a different room not wanting to smell the neko's stench. He then went to a place that had clothes and put some on, ripping a little hole for his tail.

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Marven nodded. "Yes well. At least someone did." He grumbled a bit longer before looking around.

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Eating Burrito's | 162 comments Devyn then walked back to marven, "So, my friend. What journey shall we take on?"

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He gave a small shrug like gesture. "No clue. Any ideas?"

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Eating Burrito's | 162 comments "How about trying to get rid of this stench first," Devyn laughed and started cleaning up some spilled water.

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He nodded. "I will look for something to clean it up with." He said and walked off.

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Eating Burrito's | 162 comments "Thank you Marven," Devyn sighed as he walked over and got a mop.

Winter Rose Phantom Ryssa frowned and sniffed the air, "Gross...I Do smell...."She said and tried to dry her tail off

((Srry had to change houses.))

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((No problem. Welcome back.))

Marven came back with some rags, soap, and a mop.

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Eating Burrito's | 162 comments ((welcome :3))

"Wow, you actually admit to that," Devyn snickered. hey then took a bucked and a strainer to get out the dirty water.

Winter Rose Phantom She shrugged, "It's not like I care about it, but it is nice to be clean and not small like a wet cat." She said as she squeezed the water out of her tail fur.

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Marven grumbled. "At least you can smell like something."

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Eating Burrito's | 162 comments "I bet you could if you covered yourself in something," Devyn sighed, "personally I say you're lucky."

Winter Rose Phantom She frowned, "That's not very nice."

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Eating Burrito's | 162 comments "Hey just saying what I think," Devyn raised his hands up in defense.

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Marven nodded. "Thanks though."

Winter Rose Phantom Ryssa roleplay her eyes, "whatever, toss me oneof the rags, I'll help clean up. Where exactally are we? I was transported here after I was frozen, because this isn't the same place I remember..."

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Eating Burrito's | 162 comments "Washington D.C." Devyn handed her a towel and finished cleaning up.

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