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♥Sex Kitten♥ Tada!:)

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Yay! What kinda rp do you wanna do?

♥Sex Kitten♥ Idea List: (da da da da dada *super hero music*)

Angels vs Demons
Fantasy Boarding School
Vampires vs Werewolves
Forbidden Royalty

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I like the fantasy boarding school or forbidden royalty... Haha! What about you?

♥Sex Kitten♥ Fantasy boarding school. I like it. Lol

-One of Each gender for the both of us?

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Sure! I'll make my characters in a little bit when I get on the computer. (I'm on my iPod and I hate making characters from it....)

♥Sex Kitten♥ Okay. (On Cellphone I hate it too. Lol)

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Name: Emma Eastman
Age: 17
Gender: Female
Appearence: http://ayyyy.com/wordpress/wp-content...
Personality: Puts on a sarcastic front, but is actually sweet and fun once you get to know her. She's afraid of relationships so if she fells like she's getting too close to someone she'll push them away.
Other: She's a fairy

Name: Shane Herrington
Age: 19
Gender: Male
Appearence: http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_1JdFBjQxG1E...
Personality: Kind of bipolar. One minute he'll be the nicest guy on earth and the next he'll be screaming and yelling.
Other: Haven't decided what he is yet... haha!

♥Sex Kitten♥ Name: Gabriel
Gender: Male
Appearance:[image error]src="http://img145.imageshack.us/img145/21..."
Width="400" height="590"/>
Personality: Smooth talker, calm
other: Vampire

Name: Rosalie
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Appearance: [image error]src="http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-_RmFwIsdrO8..."
Width="400" height="300"/>
Personality: She's different than other girls, she is smart and funny, she can be charming when she wants to be.
Other: Fire Demon

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Cool! Ready to start?

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Yep. :)

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Emma sighed. She was sitting on the end of the dock by the huge lake in the center of the boarding school. Her best friend Shane had just pushed her into the water and she was trying to dry off.

After pushing Emma into the water Shane and decided to go explore the camp. He checked out his dorm and then wandered into the cafeteria hoping for a snack.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Gabriel and Rosalie walked into the school laughing, glad to be back after summer break. The walked down the hall to their rooms, and put their bags diwn before heading to the cafeteria hoping for a snack.

Rosalie wore slhean sorts with a white ripped T-shirt and black boots, her hair was pulled up to you could see the tattoo on her neck. Gabriel wore dark wash jeanes and a black T-shirt with grey convers. His hair was freshly cut and his eyes were a deep blue showung he was well fed.

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Emma unfurled her wings in the hopes that they'd dry faster. She looked out over the lake and sighed softly. Everything about this place was beautiful, but she still didn't want to be here and she couldn't figure out why...

((Ok so I'm thinking Shane is still human and he'll get turned into something at the boarding school... Is that ok?))

Shane looked up when he saw other people walk into the cafeteria. He smiled and grabbed a snack before sitting down. He discretely checked Rosalie out and noticed her tattoo... He tried to depict what it was, but he couldn't get a good look from where he was sitting.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Gabriel looked around the cafe and noticed Shane looking at Rosalie or at least in her direction. He smirked and turned to Rosalie amd ran his finger over her tattoo.

((Its cool... I'm going to change their species: Rosalie will be a Vamp and Gabriel will be a Demon.))

Rosalie chuckled, her tattoo said I Bite. in cursive. "What I thought it would be ironic." She said with a chuckle as she grabbed a soda and sat at a table next to Shane, Gabe sitting with her.

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Shane smiled when Rosalie sat down next to him. "Hello! I'm Shane!" He said. He was still trying to figure out what her tattoo said. He leaned back a little to see and the chair leaned back a little to far. He found himself lying race down on the ground. His cheeks burned from embarresment.

((Ok! That's fine!))

Emma walked in just in time to see Shanes tumble. "That's what you get!" She said with a giggle as she sat down next to Gabriel.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Rosalie chuckled and offered him her hand,"I'm Rosalie," she said with a smile as she helped him up and ack into his seat.

Gabriel chuckled,"I'm Gabriel," he said looking Shane then at the girl who sat next to him.

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"Thanks... And nice to meet both of you..." He said trying to stop the blush in his cheeks. He'd figured out what her tattoo said though! "That's Emma." He said nodding towards his friend.

"Hello!" Emma said smiling and giving a little wave. "Nice to meet you guys too!" She said looking back at Gabriel.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ "Nice to meet you Emma," Rosalie said with a smile,"I am a Vampire and Gabriel here is Fire Demon." She said with a smile as she playfully elbowed Gabe.

"Oh cut that out," he said pocking his sides with a chuckle. "So what are you?" He asked Shane," I can tell Emma is a fairy, but I can't tell what you are." He said as Rosalie leaned slightly on him to get an better look at Shane.

"He's human, I can smell it," she said with a smirk.

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He sighed. "Yes I'm a human. And now your tattoo makes sense..." He said laughing slightly.

Emma smiled. "Poor little Shane-y. Still a baby human..." She teased.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Rosalie laughed,"Yeah I thought it would be funny," she said with smiled as she opened her drink. "But Im not the only one with a naughty tattoo." She sai nudging Gabe.

"Oh lets not talk about my tattoo." He said with a chuckle when the bell rang, he looked diwn at his watch,"Rose we hve to go." He said. She nodded and grabbed her drink as standing up eith Gabe.

"It was nice meeting the both if you," Rosalie said with a smole to both Emma and Shane.

"Same here," Gabe said before they hurried off waving to them before they lefy.

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Emma smiled and wondered what Gabe's naughty tattoo was of. She got up also. "Guess I better get going too... See you later Shane!" She said smiling at her best friend as she ran off to her first class.

Shane sighed. "Alone again..." He said with a laugh. He got up slowly and wandered to his class also.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Gabe stopped at Rosalie's class,"Okay Rose here you are," he said turningo her with a smile as he backed away.

"Oh no sir," Rosalie said with a smirk,"You and I both noticed Emma staring at you. She's pretty you should go for it," Rose said.

"Oh Rose you know your the only girl for me." He said with a chuckle as he hugged her.

"Oh don't dothat charming thing with me, we are not kids anymore. I want you to be happy, so.just try going on a date for once." She pleaded.

"Okay fine," he said crossing a finger over his chest with a smile before he left.

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Shane was on his way to class when he noticed Rose and Gabe talking outside of the class he was supposed to be in. He discretely listened and laughed softly. Maybe Rose and I can set up Gabe and Emma... He thought with a smirk. It provided him a way to get to better know Rosalie and hook up Emma.

"Oh! Hey Rosalie! It looks like we have first period together!" He said with a smile as he walked into class.

Emma was sitting down in the back corner of her class thinking about Gabe. He was cute, but did she really want a boyfriend? She doodled in her notebook while she thought.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Rosalie turned when se heard her name and smiled,"Hey Shane, and I guess we do." She said as she watched go to his seat then sat at the teachers desk.

Gabriel walked into the classroom Emma was in and sat at the teachers desk with a smirk as he watched the other students file in.

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"Wait... You're a teacher?" Shane asked wide eyed. That was totally unexpected... She only looked like she was a couple of years older than him.

Emma looked up and realized Gabriel was the teacher. She swore under her breath and tried to hide behind the person sitting in front of her.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Rosalie laughes,"Yeah they tend to make you teacher when your 200 years old," she teased as she began class.

Gabriel moved to the front of the class,"As you all mush now I am Gabriel, do not call me Gabe I hate that." He said ith a chuckle as heel began class.

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He bit his lip and then payed attention to her lecture. His hopes and dreams crashed all around him though. He couldn't date a teacher... Could he?

Emma sighed softly and tried to make herself as small and unnoticable as possible. He must have been many years older than her. Guess he wasn't really an option anymore...

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Rosalie walked around the room as she lectured, soon it was time for them to go,"Wait, tomorrow we will start training," she said before everyone filed out.

"Training starts tomorrow!" Gabriel called as the students left his class. He walked around his desk and sat down with a sigh.

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Shane sighed and slowly packed his stuff up. "What's involved in training?" He asked as he walked towards the door. He stopped when he reached the edge of Rosalie's desk.

Emma went to get up and leave quickly but when she attempted this all of the things on her desk fell to the ground. She sworenunder her breath and bent down trying to pick everything up. The last thing she wanted was Gabriel coming over to help her.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Rosalie looked up when she heard his voice,"Harness any special power you have if you not human. But for you we have a special room where you can train," she said as she tose to her feet. "I have a question to ask you."

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Gabriel saw Emma, actusall he had seen her the whole class period, and walked over to help her,"Here let me help," he said as he knelt down and helped her.

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"Oh great. A special room." He grumbled. He perked up again when she said she had a question for him. "Go for it. I might not have an answer but if I don't I'll make one up!" He joked.

Emma blushed a bright red. "Oh it's ok... Really." She said reaching for her notebook at the same time he did. Their hands brushed and she quickly snatched her hand and the notebook away.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Rosalie chuckled,"You know Emma better than anyone right?" She asked him, knowing they were best friends just by theit behavior together.

Gabriel shook his head," Just let me help," he said picking up her book then raising to his feet, offering it to her.

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"Yeah... We've known each other wife we were kids..." He said with a shrg. He was curious as to where this was leading

Emma sighed and got up, taking the book from him. "Thanks..." She said gathering up her stuff and trying to figure out if there was enough room to squeeze past him and leave. She willed the redness in her heels to leave.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ "And I know Gabriel like the back of my hand, we've been friends fkr centuries. So I was thinking, we.could.combined our knowledge to get them together." Rosalie proposed.

Gabriel steppef to the side as she passed by, leaving his classroom he sighed slightly and walked back to his desk and sat down.

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"Oh... Now that's an interesting proposal... I was thinking the same thing myself!" He said laughing slightly. "But are student/teacher relationships acceptable?"

Emma hurried out of his class and went outside to practice flying for a bit. She couldn't get her mind off of Gabriel.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Rosalie laughed,"Me and Gabriel are student teachers, we only do thiz to get oit of classed." She said with a smirk.

Gabriel sigjed, and sat back in his chair waoting fo his next class,he mind on Emma.

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He laughed. "Maybe I should look into it! The only class I actually enjoy is this one!" He blushed slightly when he realized what he'd said.

Emma drifted by Gabriels window not realizing who it belonged to. She sighed and just enjoyed the feeling for flying.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Rosalie laughed,"Well I'm glad you like my class," she said with a smile as she rose to her feet and stepped to him before she stopped, his scent filling her nostrils. "So do we have a deal?"

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He nodded. "We have a deal." He said feeling suddenly nervous due to her proximity. "So... How do we go about doing this?" He asked smiling at her.

Emma landed and then realized that she had forgotten her pencil in Gabriels class. She wasn't sure if it was worth tto go back and get it. I mean it was just a pencil.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ "Well first I need to know what kind of girl Emma is, because Gabriel is a demon so he was be aggressive and alittle demanding when he meets someone he wants." She explained.

Students began to file into his classroom and Gabriel sat up watching them salk in.

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"Ok... Well Emma puts up a sarcastic front because she's afraid of relationships. If she feels like she's getting too close to someone she'll push them away. " He said.

Emma slipped in with the other students and snuck into the back to grab her pencil. She hoped that Gabriel wouldn't see her.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Rosalie smirked,"She wont be able to so that with Gabriel, I tried that when we were together and I still cany get rid of him." She said with a chuckle.

Gabriel held up her pencil,"Looking for this Emma?" He asked her with a smirk.

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He laughed. "Well that makes our job a bit easier..." He said giving her one of his most charming smiles. "How do we want to stage their first meeting?" He asked.

Emma froze. "Yes. Actually it is. Thank you Gabriel." She said walking up to him and leaning forward to take her pencil. "And while your at it wipe that goofy smirk off your face." She whispered so only he could hear.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Rosalie raised an eyebrow, uneffected by his charm,"Well I think he can handle that himself, he's a big boy, literally." She said with a chuckle.

Gabriel raused and eyebrow and grapped her arm pulling her closer.to him,"Why don't you wipe it off for me." He teased before he let her go and walked to his desk.

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Shane laughed also. Then he looked at the time. "Crap! I'm missing my next class... I guess I should be going..." He said grabbing his stuff and heading for the door.

Emma's eyes had grown wide when he'd pulled her closer. The feel on his hand on her arm still on her mind. When she thought about it the spot where he'd touched her tingled. She blushed as she hurried to her next class.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Rosalie waves to him as he left then grabbed her stuff and walked to her dorm room.

Gabriel taught his next class quickly a d soon the bell rang and everyone left. He walked out of his classroom back to hiz dorm.

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Shane and Emma both went to their classes where nothing eventful happened. After class they met up for a bit and went to grab coffee together before splitting up and going their seperate ways.

Shane wandered the school hoping to see Rosalie. He had definately fallen for her, but she didn't seem to feel the same way about him.

Emma headed to her dorm after she finished up her coffee by the lake. She walked slowly. Part of her was dying to see Gabriel and part of her was dying to keep him away.

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♥Sex Kitten♥ Rosalie and Gabriel had gone to the gym together, Rose wore tight black shorts and a white shirt ahile Gabe wore white gym shorts and no shirt. They were on the mat stretching together,"So Emma seems nice but alittle indecisive." He said as he held her leg on his arm as she stretched.

"Yeah she doesn't let anyone get to close except Shanr," Rosalie said as she stretched deeply.

"Shanr seems to have a thing for you," Gabe said with a chuckle.

"He's not my type, I like aggressive men who show me who's boss, he doesn't seem like that kind of guy." She said shaking off his teasing.

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