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SPOILER - Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows film Vs Book

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V C Willow SPOILER ALERT -Discussion may contain spoilers do not read on if you have not read the book and seen the movie(part 2) and don't want to know what happens

Soooooooooooooooooo just got back From HP & TDH Part 2
Was very excited about it coming out, but how did everyone feel the adaptation of the book to the movie part 2 went? Don't get me wrong love HP and Rowling and the entire series of the books and the films... But in a few ways I felt it was disappointing and lacking depths compared to the book. I know, I know the film by necessity needs to be abridged by their very nature or I'd still be sitting there watching it this time next week but the whole Grindwald/Ariana storyline was almost extinguished from the film and I think that's a shame since it looses depth because of this.

Agree?? Or do you thin that the film deftly manages to balance the film so it works for avid fans who have read all the books many times with those who can just about name the lead characters?

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V C Willow Sorry posted it as a question before not a discussion. Sorry again

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