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SPOILER - Harry Potter & the Deathly Hallows film Vs Book
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SPOILER ALERT -Discussion may contain spoilers do not read on if you have not read the book and seen the movie(part 2) and don't want to know what happens

Soooooooooooooooooo just got back From HP & TDH Part 2
Was very excited about it coming out, but how did everyone feel the adaptation of the book to the movie part 2 went? Don't get me wrong love HP and Rowling and the entire series of the books and the films... But in a few ways I felt it was disappointing and lacking depths compared to the book. I know, I know the film by necessity needs to be abridged by their very nature or I'd still be sitting there watching it this time next week but the whole Grindwald/Ariana storyline was almost extinguished from the film and I think that's a shame since it looses depth because of this.

Agree?? Or do you thin that the film deftly manages to balance the film so it works for avid fans who have read all the books many times with those who can just about name the lead characters?

The book is definitely better. The film was wonderful, but, the book definitely had more...emphasis to it.

I always prefer the book to the movie. Everytime. Not just HP books but all books. The format requires a film to be over in two hours, whereas with a book you can savour the little details and your own personal favourite bits.

With reference to the film, Fred's death was done poorly and I hated Bellatrixs death. What was the point of her vanishing in a puff of smoke??

I thought Neville Longbottom stole the show! I'm glad they kept his part in and I loved the actor. To sum up, a good film for an adaptation.

i know this is a little thing to be mad about, but one of my favorite parts of the book is when Snape's in Sirius bedroom reading and pocketing the letter from Lily, and crying. I don't know why but that was one of my favorite scenes and I was really disappointed that they left it out!

i agree as though the film was good there was a lack of the truth as in that the film changed scences like they were not worth it i was looking foward to watching it and it was not as thrilling as the book but harry potter is harry potter i'm recapping the book to see what the film missed out!

So many things about the movie that I feel could have been improved. I do understand that due to time constraints and relating it to an audience who possibly haven't read the book alters the story a bit. But really? What was up with Voldemort and Harry flying together? Was that necessary? And Fred was such a great character- the movie didn't do his death justice. Not to mention a few scenes later Ron seemed completely over it. And correct me if I'm wrong, but Harry isn't supposed to see Ron and Hermione on his way out to the forest. Some of these things that weren't supposed to happen could have been cut for what I felt were more important moments. In the end, when Hagrid has to carry "dead" Harry, he is supposed to be sobbing and in the books it was entirely more dramatic and I envisioned a larger Hogwarts crowd. It was a good adaptation of book to film, but being that it was the shortest film of the series I think they could have put a little more into those moments that required a little more depth. BTW why leave Teddy out in the end? Not cool.

I prefer the book,
I saw the film and the scenes of Hogwarts in war, I think scenes as Fred's dies or Snape's memories inthe film don't give then the importance enough that they need, and, for example, when Harry and Tom fight were are Harry's explications??
I love Harry Potter saga, but I always have got a lot of criticism, and I think if you don't read the books, you don't understand very well the film.
But forgeting I've read the books a lot of times, the films are good and I like them.

I feel that the book was more detailed and well better but it was so good. There were parts of the book left out but it still was a good version. I believe it was the best of the hp movies

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the film was amazing but the books will always be better. i did think that they didn't gave justice to the death scenes in the movie but of course i still loved it

Cristina yeah!! I think the same, Sarah, :)
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Unforunantly this series is more about action then storyline. The scenes where magic could be shown were in, but scenes that explainned the story were cut;

Didnt explain anything about Dumbles Connection to the hallows
Cut the harry meets dumble in the station short,
Cut the scene where harry trys to explain to Volder
Cut the scene where harry talks to dumbles picture about the fate of the hallows and even distroys the wand....

But my favourate cut was that after vold is killed No one thanks or contratz harry, No one really notices... Concidering all the hype thats followed harry when ever hes done anything or gone anywhere you would expect them to cheer for him actualy doing something massive.

Shame that action is viewed as more important then Story.... 3/5 for the movie.

I agree the film was amazing, but yeah, Fred's death scene was way way too short. It wasn't even a scene. Grrr

Kaleigh - Captain Bubbles ESTP(intj) I know. It was 4 min. long! Oh well. If your smart enough, you'll read the series.
I loved the movie though. It was awesome.
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I loved the film but yes so much of the story has been cut out through all the films. I thought the fight scene between Mrs. Weasley and Bellatrix was cut too short and Fred's death was too short. That is a huge moment as he is one of my favorite characters! Thanks goodness at least Neville killed the snake! Not at the same time as the book which was lame but that was such a huge moment in his character development. I thought they cut Snape's story short too. I wanted to see more of him and Lily at school falling in love but at least they kept most of it. When he held Lily after she died crying that was really powerful! Lots of Dumbledore and Voldemort's story was cut short but yes books are always better than the movies so I will just have to read the books again!

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