The Lightning Thief (Percy Jackson and the Olympians, #1) The Lightning Thief question

THEY MADE THIS MOVIE SO STUPID!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Nicole Nicole Jul 15, 2011 02:55PM
WHY DIDN"T THEY MAKE THEM 12 years old!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!

this was the wrost book based film i've ever seen. When they first showed Annabeth, i really thought it was Clarisse. And hellooo, where is Thalia's tree? the camp was in the middle of the forest, where the reck did poor Thalia ended? And where is the coliseum and the rest of the cool stuff? And Percy couldn't wear the flying sneakers, he would be toasted remember? making it short, they should have read the book first '¬¬

the movie was soo bad it made me cry!!! they messed it uppp!!! >:(

I thought the movie was okay... But I think they should've made them younger like they are in the books.

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The movie is sooooooo stupid! I would probably like it a lot better if I hadn't read the books.

I think the movie, alone, is a good movie. It's funny and doesn't take itself too seriously, which means it served its purpose. However, it did not follow the book and that's what's messed up.

Percy Jackson could have been the next Harry Potter, but they had to change Percy's age to Harry's.Had they gone for a new generation, kept Percy 12, and gotten totally fresh actors, it would have been awesome to watch them grow up, but they had to get moviegoers who hadn't read the book to watch the movie anyways.

I admit, in comparison to the book, the movie is a piece of dragon dung; but as a movie, it isn't that bad, and they're making the second one. I don't know how they can tie in Thalia and, if they continue past 1 and 2, the prophecy, but I have a feeling they will figure out a way, even though all the actors will be in their 30's. Hollywood can do even the craziest of things.

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they messed everything up:
1. they're supposed to be twelve Clarisse
3. they aren't looking for the pearls they just happen to get them.
4. they didn't explain the mist
5.that's not how they got into the underworld
6. they left his mom in the underworld not grover, it was part of the prophecy
7. they didn't take the elavator to olympus
8. did annabeth even call percy seaweed brain once????
I could go on and on.......
there was one funny part though whenthey started to play highway to hell on their way to the underworld.

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Apr 02, 2013 06:50AM

What was so horrible about this movie, was the fact that they pretty ended it so that it would be really difficult to even make the second book into a movie! I mean they completely left out the entire thing about Grover going on his quest, and then they left out Clarissa's dad, who plays a pretty important role in the next one.

They left out way too much of the important stuff! If you haven't read the books then I don't think the movie would have been so bad, but for the book readers it was a bad comparison.

I was actually sort of hoping that this series would be a good movie series to get into after Harry Potter was over, but they had to ruin it! Sorry for the ranting... :)

This movie makes me so mad. Percy has the potential to be a huge franchise like HP but Columbus had to go and screw it all up.
The age thing bothered me, Grover bothered me (like seriously, he was all horny toward a sexed-up PErsephone), I hate how Annabeth is such an Amazon instead of smart.

deleted member Jul 18, 2011 02:03PM   0 votes
I agree. They really just ripped out the heart of the book, threw down the body of the story, and said "Look, here it is, in movie form!"
Not even Sean bean could save this movie. And I love the guy.

The movie sucked like crazy. I think they should hire the same special effect coordinator as the Harry Potter movies, same script writer, same filmmakers in general (I don't mean all of them I just mean some of the same people) and definitely better actors. I think with some tweaks, it could be just as awesomely epic as the Harry Potter movies.

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I thought the movie was terrible as a rendition of the book and as a movie on its own. The characters were just idiots, stereotypes, and they didn't develop. It had its funny moments, but those moments hardly redeemed the lack of everything else. Despite my dirt-low expectations for the film, it still managed to greatly disappointed me.

And when you compare it to the book... ultimate fail. I have some serious beef with Chris Columbus and the writers.

they missed important details like Percy meeting ares.

BookLover98 wrote: "WHY DIDN"T THEY MAKE THEM 12 years old!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!"


I'm just not going to rant because of this movie was terrible. I'm not going to watch the second one because it's going to be worst. Why make a second one when the first one was terrible? Stupid director!

i havent seen the movie yet :/ :(

OMG IT WAS VERY DISAPPOINTING!!! I mean i saw so many errors from what the book had, it was disgusting, i know rick riodan is not satisfied of what they did to his book!!


That movie was a total fail! I was like 'WTF' the whole movie! IT WAS SOO DUMB!!!! Are they making a second one? THEY SHOULDNT MESS UP ANOTHER BOOK!!!! I absolutley hated it, and i was OBSESSED with the books when i first read them!!

I think it would have been a fine movie if they just changed it so it wasnt Percy Jackson..........

Am I the only one who actually loved the movie? Sure things got changed, but they always do. But I could relate to the movie version much better because the characters were older. And I LOVED Grover in the movie, while in the book he was annoying at best. I wish there will be another movie.

Cinderela (last edited Aug 12, 2011 09:54AM ) Aug 12, 2011 09:53AM   0 votes
grrrr my first comment didn't save!

Okay I have to say this because I just remembered it! I hate how they portrayed Luke in the movie. As if he was evil from the very beginning, when I felt that in the book, he became darker as it progressed. In the movie you see him solely as the villain and I think that left him little room for redemption. Their was no depth to his character and you couldn't understand why AnnaBeth had admired him so much growing up. >>>> pretty sure his name was Luke - its been a long time..

and what was up with that horrible accent? wth

Basically the movie was okay, if you forgot it came from a book. And yeah where was Thalia?

who ever haven't seen the movie yet, DON'T SEE IT! It is missing all the good parts about the book. One thing I always never see in movies based on books, THE DETAILS!!!

Look at this. It's hard to hire kids when they're supposed the swing swords and (supposedly) drive cars.

I was soooo disappointed in the movie!!! they got like EVERYTHING wrong.... 1. what was up with the beads? 2. where is clarrise/bathroom scene!!!??? 3. what about the part over the mississippi river.... a.k.a. the best part!!!

Yeah, I'm going to have to agree. I loved the book so much but the movie kinda bit. It's a shame too because they could have done so much more with it. It happens a lot when they take a good book and then the movie just isn't as good.

I read the books and loved the books. I was a little disappointed but not every book is followed right. There really isn't a reason be in an outrage because of an age deference. Just because in the book he was 12 and in the movie he was 16. Big whoop. It's not the end of world people. All in all the book followed the events and were great with it. I wouldn't be that disappointed. Yes I was but there isn't much that can be done. The movie was great in some viewers and bad in others. All in all. The author was happy with it. That is all that matters to them.

Taylor (last edited Aug 23, 2011 02:53PM ) Aug 23, 2011 02:50PM   0 votes
The books were awesome. But the whole age thing threw me off. Percy and Co. were made old enough to drink!!! (Come on! There gotta be some good 12-year-old actors out there!!!!) And Annabeth is a freaking brunette and doesn't have an invisibility cap. And where is Clarisse with the toilets! And why are the cabins not in a U formation. And (deep breath) Why are the gods more serious in their costumes (i.e. Poseidon had on war clothes instead of the usual shorts and Hawaiian shirts described in the books). And NO ARES! Huge movie mess up. DARN YOU CHRIS COLOMBUS! YOU HAVE DESTROYED RICK RIORDAN! P.S. Cinderela, Thalia isn't introduced till the end of book two, so she wasn't supposed to be there.

maybe u ppl should think of how hard it is to predict what ppl r going to like. they cld just make the movie the EXACT SAME as the book bc every1 wld hate it tht read it. but idk w/e

it's a good movie and a good book, but seperately. the movie can't even pretend to be based on the book. it's a good movie, just not when it comes to being close to the book.

they butchered it. they killed luke, left out kronos and ares, and made the entire movie revolve around "getting the pearls" when they got the pearls in the book within 30 seconds. horrible.

i'm not racist or anything but Grover was NOT supposed to be black!!!!!! and what was up with "Annabeth"???????

The books are always better than the movies but this movie was just horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I hated this movie even though Logan Lerman is HOT!!!! I dont know if i even want 2 watch the nxt 1. So yea, i sooo agree this movie sucked...badly

deleted member Jul 17, 2011 02:32PM   0 votes
i thought it was so so

because a sixteen-year old would attract more girls

I didn't see Luke killed in the movie but wished they had introduced Clarrise as well as Ares. I really didn't care for Grover, if they had gotten Percy and Annabeth ages right in the first movie it wouldn't have been that bad.
But I saw the movie first before I read the books.

deleted member Jul 16, 2011 10:23AM   0 votes
I dont understand why they changed from the book so much though. It seemed like the majority of people who saw the movie had read them and most of them were OUTRAGED

I did not appreciate the changes they made to Annabeth's character. In the book she seems more intelligent, confident, a true daughter of Athena, etc. In the movie, she seems stupid. I thought it was disappointing that in the movie she and Grover had no idea what was going on half the time. At least in the book they would make educated guesses. In the movie I was wondering what happened to their education...

Out of everything, there is one thing that they completely missed, something that could change the whole series. One word: mist. Without it, people would see everything. That would mean that Ms. Rachel Dare (forgive me if I got the name wrong. I didn't check the book) would have no signifigance whatsoever. Plus they forgot Ares, Kronos, all that good stuff that you guys mentioned that MADE THE SERIES!!! I'm only going to watch number two to see how Mr. Director ties it all up.

I know i was so dissipointed in the movie. It defeated the whole purpose of the book. They hsould have done it more like Harry Potter. Like the kids grow up with the movie. And wat really ticked me off is they didnt put Clarrise or Ares into the movie or Tahlia!!!! And they missed the whole point of th series. KRONOS!!!!

Oh my gosh, they tried to simplify the whole thing! And tried to make it some preppy teen novel! So dumb! The books are SO much better.

Jacob (last edited Sep 20, 2011 12:54PM ) Sep 20, 2011 12:54PM   0 votes

The movie wasn't horrible but i liked the book better.

I did not like the movie at all. The books were way better. I was just very disappointed in the movie.

i thought the movie sucked i didn'tlike the cast

If they knew it was so different from the book, would they care that their movie was going to be all screwed up and people would hate it?

Oh God this movie was ssoooovbad!!!!! Almost the whole movie was about getting the frigging pearls when in the book the pearrls magically appearred in his hand !!!!!!!!! Me and friends went to the premier and we all wore homemade orange camp shirts with our gods on it and there was no orange shirts!! Plus they made the charqcters mmuuuccchhh older and annabeth wasn't blond!!!!!! CLARICE DIDN"T EXIST IN THE MOVIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Anyways to sum everything the movie was a failure

I haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaate this movie. It turns all the cool things about the book (like how it handles disabilities) into takeaway jokes and completely changed Grover's character in a really offensive way (why did his entire personality have to go sex-crazed?). It doesn't even get the basic part of the story about Greek Myths right. I know there are a ton of different versions and there's some leeway and I'm not even really that picky when it comes to changing stuff (I didn't really care about Annabeth not having blonde hair, or the kids being aged up as long as it was done well), but making Hades the Devil and the Underworld Hell? Really ridiculously lame. Not to mention how the Gods acted (although it was nice to see Sean Bean not die for once).

All the deft touches in the book were ruined, such as the Lotus Eaters activities that kept them the most occupied which turned into a dance number? Or that Aphrodite only had female children. Ugh. It was like they took these great books and decided to make them racist and sexist along with ruining the entire plot and making it virtually impossible to continue the movie series.
It turned what really could have been the next YA movie franchise into a quick action movie with some celeb cameos.

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