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message 1: by Keryl (new)

Keryl Raist (kerylraist) | 240 comments So, I'm off to see it tonight. Review on it, and the impact of Potterdom, coming shortly thereafter.

message 2: by Andre Jute (new)

Andre Jute (andrejute) | 4851 comments Mod
Can hardly wait. The excitement mounts.

message 3: by Claudine (new)

Claudine | 1110 comments Mod
How was it? I'm wondering if it will be ok to take a 10yo and an 8yo to see it.

message 4: by Keryl (new)

Keryl Raist (kerylraist) | 240 comments Did the kids see the previous movies? If so, then yes, it's fine. If not... 10 year old is probably okay, not sure about the 8 year old.

As to how was it... I liked it very much. :)

message 5: by Claudine (new)

Claudine | 1110 comments Mod
Ja they've seen them all except the first part of Deathly Hallows. They watched the first Matrix over the weekend and loved it if that is any indication.

message 6: by Keryl (new)

Keryl Raist (kerylraist) | 240 comments No problems then. There's nothing in the last one that would be disturbing if they did fine with the earlier ones.

message 7: by Margaret (new)

Margaret (xenasmom) | 306 comments Just came from the theater a bit ago and nearly turned around to go back in and watch it again. It was extremely well done. Even though I knew what was going to happen having read the books, I was on the edge of my seat. It was a roller coaster ride of the best order.
@Claudine---Trying to recall all the Matrix movies and Deathly Hallows part I to compare with Deathly Hallows part II. It did seem to be more graphic and bloody in a couple of parts. There was, of course, more death and Voldemort's snake was out and out monstrously creepy. The darkness that has been in the past few movies is definitely there in spades. If you have read the books with your guys and talked about what happens there probably won't be a problem.

Call me cautious but after book four I stopped having them in my elementary school(with a note from home I put a copy of 5-7 in their hands gladly); after all, the characters were growing up and so were their life situations.

message 8: by Andre Jute (new)

Andre Jute (andrejute) | 4851 comments Mod
That sounds like Roz and I will like Deathly Hallows II when it arrives on DVD. Thanks, Margie. We'll send "the note from home" to cover it being "more graphic and bloody". I think, as you observed before, that is probably parents reading as much as children reading, an equally good thing. A school library with OUTREACH.

message 9: by Claudine (new)

Claudine | 1110 comments Mod
Margie, the Matrix trilogy is pretty gruesome in the third one. My son lapped it up a couple of years ago just like he did the battle scenes in the LOTR trilogy. I think I'll get the first part out on DVD for them and see how that goes. They've not read the books but do enjoy the lego wii version of the game.

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