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A Dance with Dragons (A Song of Ice and Fire, #5)
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Chilimac | 28 comments Love the Prolgue. GRRM caught my attention. My take aways are:

1) Wondering how significant of a role skinchangers will play in the book.

2) "She sees me" sent a little shiver down my back. Does this mean a wight can see a skinchanger for what he/she is? I looked at wights as just a kind of zombie with no other powers other than strength &, for lack of a better word, determination.

On a side note, while I love GRRM's righting he does like to throw in something pervey once in a while. Didn't need to hear about pseudo bestiality.

Peter | 142 comments I thought it was a really cool intro, give you a sense of what a "true" skinchanger is, and a hint that all the Stark kids are skingchangers to one degree or another. (sadly Sansa being the only one without her direwolf). Aray has a connection to Nymeria still and Jon (as mentioned in the prolog) is having dreams. IF we see Rikkon again, we'll probably see that he has a very strong connection to Shaggydog

Kamil | 372 comments i did not read the previous books so i really hope i won't be disappointed

terpkristin | 4144 comments Kamil wrote: "i did not read the previous books so i really hope i won't be disappointed"

Wait, you're going to read A Dance With Dragons without having read books 1 through 4 in the A Song of Ice and Fire series? I would strongly recommend you read at least books 1-3 first. A Dance With Dragons is the fifth book and is itself only a half a book (book 4, A Feast for Crows is the other half). I think reading A Dance With Dragons would be particularly confusing...and disappointing.

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Agatha (agathab) | 130 comments I can't imagine how lost I'd be starting with book 5. In fact, I had to reread books two to four because when I started DwD I found that I'd totally forgotten what was going on.

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