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Make you charries here! Us this format:
age:(14-18 unless held back or skipped a grade)
famous for:

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fake name: Rikki Jones
raeal name: Angela Brooks
age: 16
famous for: singing and acting
personality: nice, but kinda sassy. used to getting her way, but still friendly

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Rinofthemill ooh… can i join?

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yes please!!!

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Kennedy | 26 comments fake name: Victoria Leanerds(Vickie)
celebrity name: Kaci Hunderds
age: 16
famous for: acting
personality: sassy and flirty, starts to grow attached to a guy named Ben

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Zakari | 154 comments name (he doesn't bother with a fake name): Harry Sullivan
age: 17
famous for: singing
personality: Kind but reserved. He's a friendly guy but keeps to himself.
other: He's the lead singer of their band.

name (she doesn't bother with a fake name either): Raye Kimball
famous for: she can play acoustic or electric guitar and bass and rocks on a drum set
personality: She's quick to laugh and slow to anger. Loves to have fun and play her music.
other: Is the lead guitarist in the band, but can fill in for any instrument. Is younger sister of Eli's.

name: Eli Kimball.
famous for: Bass guitar
personality: He's rather cold compared to the others. Eli doesn't really like people and will brush you off.
other: Plays bass guitar in the band. Also Raye's older brother.

Their band still needs a back-up guitarist and a drummer. Please ask to join! =D

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Zakari | 154 comments Thanks! =)

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why are they undercover at high school? i would put that, i need to put mine. ill do it later

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Zakari | 154 comments Ah. Good one... Well, my peoples think it would be a good marketing opportunity. Plus, it would help them set up gigs at the high school, gain popularity, and recruit band members. =) Reason enough? =D

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sure, but mine is actually undercover. her manager thought she needed a break

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name: Chris
age: 16
not famous, he only likes Rikki
features: but older
personality: vry understanding, nice, and kinda athletic

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Zakari | 154 comments Hmm, mine are just plain normal people who are good at music. =)

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name: Tiffany(Tiffy, Tif)
age: 17
Ill finish later

message 16: by Emma (last edited Sep 22, 2011 03:32PM) (new)

Emma | 183 comments real name:Elise Markez
fake name:Carly Marnie
famous for: acting, singing, plays any instrument, dance

personality: nice, smart, outgoing, sort of a flirt
other: wants a normal life, but her parents won't let her, found as a kid on youtube

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u use the fake name in rp at hs

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