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Hannah (Forever_Alone_Wolf) Anything outside of classes if Rp-ed here.

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Cece Bailey got up at 5:30am which was 10:30am her time. "Ugh, when will I ever get used to this stupid American time?" She looked at her iphone weather app an put on cargo shorts and a t-shirt pulling on over top a hoody from the Open golf tournament. She walked downstairs to eat breakfast, ceral and milk. Her mom emerged from her bedroom in PJ's. " Did I wake you up?" Bailey asked. " No, I was just wanting to eat breakfast with you before school. You have 2.5 hours you know before school starts. " her mom said while trying to stifle a yawn. Bailey nodded and returned to eating her cereal.
*Time skip 2 hours later*
Bailey looked at her watch, grabbed her backpack and ran downstairs. " Bye mom! I'll see you later!" Bailey called as she ran out the door and walked to school. She knew the way because she had gone running by the school all last week.

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