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Luce's Adventure's Through Time

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Lindis Russell Hi, I was wondering what everyone thought about Luce's adventures through time. What were your favorites? Did you dislike any? Etc. I loved this book, I think that it may be my favorite so far. Here is a list of her stops in time.
Ch. One ~ Moscow * October 15, 1941
Ch. Three ~ Milan, Italy * May 25, 1918
Ch. Five ~ Helston, England * June 18, 1854
Ch. Seven ~ Helston, England * June 21, 1854
Ch. Nine ~ Tahiti * December 11, 1775
Ch. Nine ~ Prussia * January 7, 1758
Ch. Nine ~ Lhasa, Tibet * April 30, 1740
Ch. Eleven ~ Versailles, France * February 14, 1723
Ch. Thirteen ~ London, England * June 29, 1613
Ch. Fifteen ~ Chichen Itza, Mesoamerica * 5 Wayeb' (appx. Dec. 20, 555 CE)
Ch. Seventeen ~ Yin, China * Qing Ming (appx. April 4, 1046 BCE)
Ch. Ninteteen ~ Memphis, Egypt * Peret- "The Season of Sowing" (Autumn, appx. 3100 BCE)

Lindis Russell I loved the visit in Tibet. It's when Luce learns that it's not just his touch, or their kiss that causes her death. That it's something greater. He never even touched her, and she still died.
And then there's Egypt. I just love a forbidden love between royalty and the "help" : )

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Nurlely I was devastated with the Tibet one. It was so painful to have Daniel met his fate that way.

Egypt is my favourite. The fact is it was the scene I had waited for. Their first time was so special...
To have chosen a maid rather than a princess. Oh have chosen Luce instead of HEAVEN!

Hayley Thorpe I think her adventures through time really did make the novel. I shall be sad when this series ends! x

Bayanry Ch. Thirteen ~ London, England * June 29, 1613

Sylvia I too loved Tibet but also Chichen and Egypt...this are really crucial discoveries for both Daniel and Luce...loved this book too!

Lindis Russell I agree!

I also liked Helson, England. Just for the fact that Daniel fell in love with her, no matter what she became. Even a snooty spoiled brat! : )

Darciejay I liked England and France :) They were my favorites. France was no.1 though, i loved it.

Lydia I love how it was written, but jeez- the plot was so repetitive! It was like she could'nt come up with anything else to write about so she made it up to be a game of hide-and-seek-tag through portals! It annoyed me :L

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Nurlely @ Lydia: I know what you feel. It is like reading in repetition. But somehow, all the lives are important. If I were Luce, I would like to know what happened to me in the past.

Chelsea I loved this book. It's my favorite of the entire series. There was only the first two that I didn't like.

Azhia The whole past life thing really made the book. I thought it was so cool! I learned alot about each of the charters. Especially how Daniel love is so true & sincere no matter what. The book was great.!

Aleesha I personally liked when she was in MesoAmerica ... i think it had the most suspense ybecause i truly wondered if he was going to kill her or not. I mean it would have been easier that way because the fates did not take her from him again. I also liked that she could behold his angelic glory longer than the others. It made me wonder if that was possibly some type of foreshadowing for the future book.

Amaris My favorite one was in Milan, Italy.

I have no idea why, I just do.

Carly oh I cant decide I liked the difference in each life and the little bits we learnt in each 1! :)

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Nat My fave would have to be the one in Milan as well but I also love all the past lives in the "So We Beat On" Chapter. So that includes Tahiti, Prussia, and Tibet!:)

Megan I loved FALLEN and TORMENT but PASSION i didn't like it as much as the others but it was ok i liked it. but if i had to choose i would choose Helston, England.

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Mandy I think Moscow is one of my favs. It suits her somehow.
When Luce was about to be sacrificed by the Mayans, that was intense too. The walls built of heads, most of them not even in skull-state yet... YUCK!
But I liked peeking into all Luce's former lives, it was like reading different books in different era's without having to switch books :)

I do agree some lives seemed pointless, it's like she learns the same in every life. Nothing new in that matter. However, when she stepped into the Announcers at the end of book 2, embarking on her previous lives, I *knew* this book was gonna be sort of an 'inbetween' novel where nothing major happens regarding the plot, but it's still info that's nice to read and will probably prove valuable in the sequel.

Scarlett Ch. Nine ~ Tahiti * December 11, 1775
The most peaceful one. I was getting a bit of nauseated of Daniel being so broken.
Oh I don't remember where this is, but the part where Luce is a princess named Lucia. I liked the Daniel there. So yeah.

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