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Chelsea Northrop (chelserz) | 186 comments Mod
amazing series!! I love how Rose can see inside lissas head and knows everything that goes on with her. I love rose and her romance up and downs with Dimitri. I was reallly sad when he got chanced into a Strigoi in one of the books, when that happend i thought all hope was lost for him and rose being together but than lissa used her awesome powers and was able to change him back. than when he finally becomes safe to be around everyone has to freak out when you can just tell that he is safe to be around. The last book was the most supriseing to me I cant belive it was Christians aunt that framed rose and killed the queen. what did you guys think of this book?

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Katie (bookshelfblogger) | 1 comments I just got the first book! Can't wait to start reading it! I'm becoming a HUGE vampire-freak! :)

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Chelsea Northrop (chelserz) | 186 comments Mod
you will love them!!! i own every one XD

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