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Tayler Housley Tayler Jul 15, 2011 11:03AM
I just bought this book yesterday. I'm going to read it after I finish Torment by Lauren Kate. I've seen the movie and I loved it. What is your opinion on this book?

This book was a great book. The movie was almost identical to the book and was very well done.

I loved the book. It's a great read. It's written to be more from the voice of the little boy (I forget his name now), which makes it even more tragic. Not sure what the movie's like. I've never seen it. I should rent it though to see how it compares.

I loved the book and once you get into reading the voice it's much more authentic. I was SO into the book that I actually GASPED out loud at a "certain" part because I totally didn't see it coming...the book is definitely better than the movie.

I thought this was a wonderful book! It gives you soemthing to think about. How far would you actually go for someone that you just met? Little kids are so curious and you never know what they will do.

Vanessa Fretwell Amazing but so sad. Even kids can have a strong bond with someone they barely know
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Claire Kids are humans too, ya know
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I haven't watched the movie yet but loved the book

I personally enjoyed the book and the film... initially the English mistakes from the German words annoyed me too, but then I thought 'out' 'with' could easily be 'aus' and 'mit', and there is a German word 'Furie'.. so maybe not so bad after all?

deleted member Aug 11, 2011 02:18PM   0 votes
I haven't seen the film but I loved the book and didn't expect it to end quite as it did which was so sad.

I thought The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas a wonderful though very sad and thought provoking book. If you want to find out how to write for a child’s perspective for an adult audience, this is a great example. By the way, it’s not written for children or young adults but for anyone who wants to read it and most certainly for adults.

The film I found was very emotional and the ending I sat there in shock, I think thats why I am putting off reading the book.

books are always better i think but this time scenes of film are really intense.

The book is awesome. The plot is simplistic, but that's because it's written from an 8 year old's point of view. I found it very original and tragic.

The movie? Only mediocre.

This book was WRETCHED. Boyne has clearly never met an eight-year-old. Children are not idiots, and why is it that Bruno turns normal German words into English puns????? I don't care if this book was written for children - it's an insult to a child's intelligence.

And do some research. It would never have happened. Children were not hanging out in Auschwitz - most of them were instantaneously gassed. Those few children who were kept alive were most definitely not hanging out at the edge of the fence. Bruno's sister would have been in Hitler's youth and both of them would have been taught to hate Jews. This book is an insult to the reality of the holocaust.

I had to reread the book before I really understood it, but after I did I thought it was amazing!

The book was great, but Bruno was the most clueless idiot that I have ever read about.

I enjoyed the book and the movie the same.
It didn't change too many things in the book compared to the movie.
Sad in general.. balled like a baby reading it.

Overall I highly recommend reading it and seeing the movie.

Rachel (last edited Mar 06, 2012 06:54AM ) Mar 05, 2012 09:55AM   0 votes
I saw the film first and enjoyed it, but when I started the book I was completely put off by the style of writing. I read about half of the book and realized the plot is a bit too slow and unoriginal as well. Overall, I don't particularly find it to be a bad book, but it isn't quite for me. Even though, I would still recommend it to other people.

I loved that the book was from the view point of the little boy. I did not see the ending coming though. I loved this book even though it was very sad.

I watched the movie first, and I read the book a few weeks ago. I really didn't like the book. The writing was repetitive and I mostly got annoyed with Bruno's naivety. Or is ignorance a better word? I don't know. I just know I didn't like the book much and was happy it was so short. I think it's the first book where I have liked the movie-adaption better.

I had to read this in English class two years ago. I like the story, but I hate Bruno (The Main character) so much that it ruind the book for me.

I know that such a story couldn't have happened for real, but its beauty, for me, came from the uncomplicated innocence of the children's friendship in spite of the adult prejudice all around them.

Also, the book makes you wonder again - where was the empathy? Why did Nazis, who had beloved families and children of their own, inflict such cruelty on Jewish families and children?
This is the kind of story that will stay in your mind long after you have read it.

The book was well written, but I personally did not like it at all. I have never seen the movie and I don't want to.

this book was a slow read but it was very well done

I think it's moving but a bit overrated, and very exasperating. I don't really like Bruno much either -.- The film is really good though (omg, I'm actually saying a film adaption is actually better than the book...)

I was hoping this book would provide more information to the reader's about the characters pasts etc than what was already gleaned from the movie. All in all though I still enjoyed the book very much.
I agree that Bruno was a smart young man and probably would have put two and two together regarding what was actually going on around him however the fact that the story was written this way did not diminish it's impact of what was actually going on and what millions lived through.
I thought it was a brilliant way to tell this story, from the viewpoint of innocence and childlike curiosity in a world that was filled with prejudices, hate and war.

the movie, in this case, was much better than the book in my opinion

I thought this book was great. The movie was good too. The ending was a surprise to me. A very moving story told through the eyes of a child.

The book is a fictional story about events that occurred during the second world war, we all know that there was a holocaust and there killed many people, the friendship between children is the highlight of the book must be read to feel and perhaps many get excited, but we know that never happened, but it is a readable book. If I liked a lot.

I found the book very frustrating and simplistic. It was repetitive and annoying with the word plays and 'childs narration' (which I didn't find realistic), and I really didn't connect with it at all, even considering that it was a fable, and not intended to be historically correct. However, I loved the movie. I saw the movie after reading the book. I was totally unaffected by the book, but cried at the end of the movie.

Unfortunately as soon as the family moved outside of the city, I knew what would happen. I believe it probably either occurred or was close.

i loved how the author said at the authors note that he wasn't there so the only way he could write this is in a childs perspective (or something along that line) and yes it was a great and moving book!

I read this book on last year.this book make me cry at the end.

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I really liked this book. It was sad at the end though. I didnt see the movie but i REALLY REALLY want too. :))))

Es una lectura interesante y para un publico joven, para mi esa es la razon de ser poco complicado al leer! Me gusto y lo recomiendo

I loved the book, despite some of it's inaccuracies or fabrications. The horror of how the Germans treated the Jews in this story is "tame", the book is meant for young adults so I am putting aside my adult perspective in many cases. The only (and seriously it is the only) thing that irked me is the play on English words whose play on words would ONLY work if the characters in the book were speaking English. The fact that they were speaking in German and using these words (Fury / Out With) in context of the English meaning kept bothering me. But again a young adult reader may not make that connection or honestly may not even care.

The story made me cry, it was that touching.

I saw the film first and initially liked it, but when I started the book I was completely put off by the style of writing. I read about a fourth of the book before giving it up. Since then I've grown to view the plot a bit too simplistic and unoriginal as well.
Overall, I don't particularly find it to be a bad book, but it isn't for me.

Tayler wrote: "I just bought this book yesterday. I'm going to read it after I finish Torment by Lauren Kate. I've seen the movie and I loved it. What is your opinion on this book?"

actually, the book is amazing! if you've liked the film, you're going to LOVE the book, trust me.

I loved this book. My son recommended it & told me ahead it was going to be sad! I was trying to figure out the ending, but I was way off. I know this sounds weird, but the ending was better than I thought.

Tayler wrote: "I just bought this book yesterday. I'm going to read it after I finish Torment by Lauren Kate. I've seen the movie and I loved it. What is your opinion on this book?"
Did you finish the book and what did you think?

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