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1. How long have you been writing for Love Inspired?

I've been writing for Love Inspired for five or six years now.

2. What’s something you wish you’d known when you started your writing journey?

I never realized it gets even harder after you make that amazing first sale! There's a natural urge to do better each time, but you don't have the time you've spent nurturing that first baby. Deadlines are real, folks!

3. What’s the most common writing question you get and what is your answer?

It's the same one all my writer friends get as well. Everyone wants to know where I get my ideas. That's such a tough question to answer, since any little thing can trigger the 'what if' flood of thoughts and images. The idea for THE DADDY SURPRISE came from long walks through my parents' hometown of Edmonds, Washington in early 2010. My dad was supposed to undergo serious vascular surgery, but because of a number of oddball delays I stayed with them for three weeks with no surgery happening at that time. I spent hours every day walking the streets, praying and turning to God in the middle of my anxiety.

4. How have you dealt with the rejection of your writing?

You mean apart from wailing to my friends??? Actually, after I get through being bummed out, I read the rejection over and over again, read the rejected material multiple times, too, and then put those two elements together. From there, I get back to brainstorming, again with the help of those long-suffering friends, and come up with something more workable. Rejection is really a challenge to push myself a bit further.

5. Do you have a Bible verse that guides your writing?

Of course! But it's such a common, famous one, it's almost a cliche. However, if you think about it, it's so especially on point for writers. It's: "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me."

6. What is your favorite writing book?

I turn to THE COMIC TOOLBOX before starting a new project. While the book is targetted toward writers of humor, it has a chapter of questions that I find very helpful in developing the characters, and as a result, the plot.

7. What is the most recent Love Inspired book you’ve read?

I just started Margaret Daley's PROTECTING HER OWN.

8. What does your writing life look like?

Do ya really wanna know?? It's sheer insanity and catch-as-catch-can put together. Because of a number of difficulties, my writing life has been shuffled into random bits and pieces this years. One of my sons, both of my parents, my husband, and even I have faced serious health problems in the last six months, and I've responded to all--come to think of it, d'you think maybe that's why I got pneumonia in the middle of all the crummy stuff? All I can say is thank goodness for the portability of my laptop and zip drives!

9. What advice would you give to an aspiring Love Inspired author?

This one's super-easy! Read. Read every Love Inspired book you can get your hands on. It's the most fun you'll ever have working, and it's the most fun way to educate yourself for the best job you could ever have.

10. What is your favorite part about writing for Love Inspired?

The people you come to know. Not only are the editors great ladies, but you also get to know the most amazing, talented writers, and then...we get the icing on the cake: our readers. I can't tell you how many heartwarming letters I've received from the lovely women who've read my books. I treasure each and every one.

The Daddy Surprise by Ginny Aiken

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Patriciaw | 48 comments Ginny, I enjoyed The Daddy Surprise. I've always heard aspiring authors should read. That's never been a problem for me, as I read voraciously. But I didn't realize that reading in my target line while writing would help to inspire me the way it has of late. I was wrestling with a particular problem in my current wip and found an answer while reading The Daddy Surprise. Nothing unusual, just a "secret baby". Never occurred to me to go down this path, although it's a common category romance plot. Lately, each book I read illuminates something I need to do or work on as I write. Thanks to you and all the LI authors.

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So great to hear that Patricia! I need to remember where I put this book so I can get caught up on my reading. It sounds really good.


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Annie | 1 comments I liked your advice for new writers. I do read a lot of books and often jot down story ideas. Sometimes it might be how I would have changed how a story went or how it ended. I really enjoy your books and all the Love Inspired authors.

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