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Hollow Ending
Christina Micola Christina Jul 15, 2011 09:37AM
Did anyone else feel like this was kind of a hollow ending for this series? I didn't really expect a, "and they all lived happily ever after," but at the same time it seemed kind of rushed. I feel like there could have been a fourth book about how they all reconstructed their lives after everything. It seemed like the author was just ready to be done with the series.

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Yes, I felt like the ending was terrible! I hated it! We follwed along with the books for so long, to when it finaly ends, it suck! Im so mad! I liked the ending, but not the Epologe, It would have been much better if she took out the epologe, in my option.

I agree... it did feel rushed.

I understand that Katniss came back broken, and there could never be a happy ending. It just didn't seem to have much of an ending, though, at all. It did not fit in with the style of writing with the first two books at all. I kept feeling like I was wanting more. I was disappointed on so many levels.

She did such a great job building up these characters just to end it with, "Gale stayed behind in district 2, Her mother stayed behind because district 12 is too painful, and Peeta's the only one left so here, he's yours." Just seemed like she was bored with writing it so she through something together and called it done.

I hated Mockingjay in general. It was all show and no substance. Hunger Games had depth. Mockingjay had flashy action scenes and meaningless death.

To the contrary of most of these comments I found the ending fitting to the story. Gale and Katniss had a brief discussion about wether his bomb had been the one to kill Prim or not. The pain of never knowing for sure would be the final wedge that would divide the two would-be lovers apart. Not only this but Gale had always been ready and eager for war, and as much as I loved him as a character, it made sense to me that he took a job with the higher-ups, rather than returning to 12. This drift made me let go of the idea of Gale and Katniss. Peeta fought so hard to heal after being hijacked, and he never lost sight of what was wrong with the capitol to begin with. The truth that Peeta understood, a new Capitol under Coin would be no great change from the leadership of Snow, was what Katniss realized when she shot Coin. When Peeta shows up in 12, it is clear that he would be the only one that could ever really help Katniss live again. The sorrowful and emotionless Katniss of the ending was only fitting for everything she had been through. I'm glad this did not have a "hollywood" ending but rather the ending was as quiet as the games and war were loud.

Gretchen Agreed.
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The only reason I felt hollow was because of Prim dying. For me that was one of the saddest parts in the whole series. That and when Rue, and Finnick died. But even though it was sad I think Prim dying made the ending that much better because of how heart wrenching it was. I was happy she ended up with Peeta, I wanted her to be with him ever since the story of the boy with the bread. But I do wish we heard more of what happened with Haymitch, and Gale. But I also believe a fourth book would have been too much. There wouldn't be anything to write about really.

Didn't feel too rushed to me. I was really happy with the ending, and I definitely didn't feel like it was a "and they all lived happily ever after" thing. I mean, just look at all the people who died!
What more did you want? We know where all the supporting characters ended up, and about Katniss' and Peeta's own unique way of coming to terms with the deaths of their loved ones. She was vague about Gale, but I think it was necessary. I mean, if there were even a shadow of a chance that my best friend accidentally blew up my little sister, I wouldn't be too worried about what happened to him. The story is through Katniss' perspective, so of course she was vague about what happened to Gale.

Yeah I felt the same way, it was so rushed and it felt so scripted, like she was just trying to get it over and done with. I was expecting a much better ending after how amazing the rest of the series was

I was happy with the ending. The only thing is you can't be happy with the death and lose of friendship but that falls in-line with the books. I read the series and then listened to my friends audio version while working out. There is a great interview with the author at the end and she explains her feeling on this. Wish it had been at the end of the 3rd book.

Christina wrote: "Did anyone else feel like this was kind of a hollow ending for this series? I didn't really expect a, "and they all lived happily ever after," but at the same time it seemed kind of rushed. I feel ..."

I say yes! it was really weird, it kinda felt like she was so detailed with everything else but then in the end she kinda just wanted to get it over with

yea yur right it did seem rushed like all of a sudden her and peeta fall in again and have two kids! no gale. no mom. i mean really. ii was hoping for more but you get what you get so...

I think the ending was great. It was meant to be hollow and sad. BEcause if you honestly think about it.... theres no happiness at all thru the story so the ending is supposed to be peaceful, not necessarily happy. Think about it, Everyone Katniss knew and cared for is either gone or dead, so she left with Peeta, to live in peace. I think it was a great ending that really tied up the concept of the games and life itself. I love the very last line of the book "There are much worse games to play"



I agree, the author rushed to the ending. I was not satisfied... such an amazing series would deserve a more finished ending, I would think.

I don't think it was rushed.. I didn't like the ending that much cuz it was depressing, but it wasn't rushed. They fought for what they thought was (and is) right. And with that comes sacrifice. It was actually a very realistic ending; things don't always turn out to be happy happy joy joy.

YESS, the ending seemed so rushed, i expected something more extravagant.

I feel it was rushed as well. I think it kinda had an awkward ending to it, not that I was disappointed in it, it was just...awkward.

Definitely rushed, I think her agent pressured her to work quickly. A disappointment for sure.

Yeah, I totally agree. I was really surprised that the author ended it so abruptly. The series has so much detail in it that I expected the end to be that way as well. I didn't like how Gale suddenly just went of and did his own thing. You would think that because of his history with Katniss, there would be more of a 'good-bye scene' or something like that. I also didn't like how Katniss seemed like she was a zombie for the last portion of the book. There wasn't much emotion on her part.
Overall I'm really disappointed with the ending of The Hunger Games. An epic series should have an epic ending, not a half-decent one.
But that's just my opinion.

I liked the ending. Even though all those ppl died. I wouldn't want 2 talk 2 my bff if he blew up my lil sis even if it was an accident. Plus, i think every1 deserves a happy ever after even though most ppl don't get 1. Plus im team Peeta soooooo:p

I liked the ending as far as her personal life goes. It made sense that she ended up with Peeta and that her mother and Gale were distant - there was too much emotional trauma for any of them to have a healthy relationship. I'm glad that she didn't downplay that aspect of the story.

However, I did find the ending hollow as far as the political aspect goes. There was just the quick summary on the plane that basically said, yeah, we're humans - we're okay now, but we'll probably mess it up all over again in a few years. Really? That's it? Personally, I was disappointed that the author didn't wrap up this aspect of the story, especially since she had gone into so much detail about it earlier.

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agreed with everyone on here but i did not like how prim killed and how fast it was i nearly missed it...and it pissed me off because that was katniss main goal to protect her sister hence setting off the chain of events and then to kill prim made me fail as if katniss failed in some way and i didn't like that one bit then katniss just seemed to be so moody in this book not that that's not understandable and peeta was just annoying me and most of all why did we not hear about what else happened to Gale? im sorry but Gale was my fav. character in this book and I didn't like how he was just tossed to the side while Peeta and Katniss got their happy ending. this last book was not as fast paced or nearly exciting as hunger games...katniss started off as the girl on fire and that flame diminished along with suzanne's series. i have to say that ill watch the first movie when it comes out then ill track down mike in downtown hartford for the rest on bootleg will not be paying to see katniss fall in and out of consciousnesses and watch peeta go crazy or see katniss shoot numerous promos...sorry i went on a rant there but this whole series bothered me to no end because it started off so amazing but let me down the only series that has exceeded my expectations was harry potter and vampire academy now those are some good books that keep getting better.

The first and second book were okay. But I found it hard to get into the third one. It was kind of lame. For the first half of the book nothing really interesting happened. Or at least, it didn't seem interesting. District 13 is really boring.

I just think the deaths of some of the key characters weren't scripted very well. I think it was unnecessay to kill off Finnick especially. He and Annie just had their reunion, we just gained insight about his chracter in this book that we hadn't known before and we lost him. I think it was pointless. Even though she is naturally cold, you think that Katniss would show a little more emotion. There was barely a description.

As for Prim, her death wasn't as extreme as it should have been. If Katniss loved her sister so much she would have made a scene. I don't know, something more. And I just don't see why Gale suddenly changed in this book. In the first two him and Katniss got a long well. They understood each other. In this book, they treat each other like strangers. After her rescue at the end of the second book you think she would want to spend some time with him after such a long separation.

As for Peeta, sure maybe tamper with his memories, but not permanetly. He changed completely. I didn't really like him at the beginning of the series, but I couldn't stand him at the end. There should have been a "trigger" that made him come back or something.

As for the ending itself... wow. What about Beetee? What about the whole country Panem? What about Katniss' mom? What about Gale: did he find someone else? How did Peeta figure out Katniss loved him? How did they resume their relationship? Why did he come back to district 12? Did they rebuild district 12 and 13? What about Annie, was Finnick the father of her baby? What about Haymitch? (Katniss should have made reference to Rue and Prim's death somewhere).

I understand why she wrote it that way. But the last 150+ pages were very rushed. I didn't like how finnick died so suddenly or that prim died or how gale just left.

Emily (last edited Sep 10, 2011 09:22PM ) Sep 10, 2011 09:22PM   0 votes
I agree... It really fast forwarded to when Katniss was way older and already had kids. It didn't really explain about what Gale or her mother or Haymitch was doing or anything. It was just so short. I didn't really like the third book as much, it was very boring, especially because of the ending. Gale was one of the main characters and it didn't explain at all about him. I remember counting the pages of the last sentence mentioning Gale till the end. There were many pages compared to what I thought the ending would have about him. Really, I would have wanted more to know about after the war and how Panem has reformed and how things changed between all the characters. But all I got was how Katniss's and Peeta's life ended.
I didn't really like the ending. I constantly have to make myself think of an alternate ending to make myself feel better about what I was reading. But it still didn't help because I know they're not the real endings. I waited so long for the last book to come out to find there wasn't an ending I was satisfied with.

didn't like the ending! Like I was glad Katniss/Peeta got together but everything else was just rushed...Like Gale...gone? Finnick and Prim..gone? Really!!! Like the state of district 12 was so vague......I just..uggg..

It seems like there could have been so much more done with the book. The plotting was awful and the climax was not a really a climax at all. They spend how much time hunting Snow to find that Prim's death, gratuitous and very sloppily done, ends up shattering Katniss and the fall of the empire happens without her. This really irritated me because this was the set up as the story line, that they were going to get snow, and we understood that urge, it seemed like the natural climax of the book. Above of the the bad plotting and bad deaths I think the most disappointing thing for me was Katniss. Other readers have pointed this out too but no one here has really addressed it yet. Katniss falls completely flat in this book. Her trajectory leads me to believe that she should have taken charge charge in this book, broken out of being the pawn. From 1-2 we how she starts to take charge of her role as more than the girl that won the hunger games but as the face of the revolution and as someone who has influence against the bad politicians. In three she completely backslides. She remains a pawn and I never see her really break away and use the power and influence I thought she realized she had to affect change. In short it was not just the ending that was rushed and off but the entire book. On the issue of the ending Collins may as well have let Katniss die or just remain broken and alone. I didn't buy the ending with Peeta at all because it didn't seem happy in the least. It was almost like an after thought, oh we don't know what happened to Peeta well lets have him go back and Katniss and him will live and have kids and still not really be happy.

I actually felt like throwing the book against the wall so many times as I read it in frustration but I guess Collins was very smart in the fact that by choosing such an ending she has had everyone discussing team this and team that...and isn't that what every author wants i.e. the constant dialogue!

As I said in the other thread about the ending, I'm not 100% satisfied with what Collins did, but there was no way she could make everybody happy. It would not surprise me to learn that there was an alternate ending, but that Collins went with this one. It really does look like it could have gone either way up until the last couple of chapters.

I HATED the ending of this book. I was so confused and...... urgh. it was rushed and i felt that Collins just didn't have any other ideas about how to end the story. i just really did not like the ending.

(Thats just my opinion, I'm not trying to offend anyone)

I agree. I was really upset at the end (unsurprising really) and could have done with a fourth book about the reconstruction and how everything worked after the Capitol fell. Maybe Suzanne Collins was ready for the end? I don't think she should have rushed it mind you, it had that feeling, like maybe she just needed to tie it up and that be it. Can't do much now except speculate I suppose.

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Isn't this the exact same topic/discussion as "anyone find the last book disappointing? a little rushed?"

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She could have done so much more with the ending. Especially with gale! I was in disbelief when it was over

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