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Listopia/Discussions? - Provincal/Territorial Settings

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message 1: by Gwnhwyfer (new)

Gwnhwyfer | 6 comments As an addendum to Chelsea's question on Provincal Settings for books, could we maybe create provincial/territorial lists here at GR - either discussion posts or listopia?

Though listopia, there appears to be several general and award lists, as well as one for Quebec authors, but nothing more.

Any thoughts?

message 2: by Kane (new)

Kane Faucher (docx) | 7 comments Would the province settings apply to where the author is (currently or previously) situated, or where the fiction takes place?

message 3: by Gwnhwyfer (new)

Gwnhwyfer | 6 comments I guess two lists per province/territory would be best - one for the origin/current location of the author and one for the actual setting of the book. That way, all bases are covered.

Does anyone have any preference for a discussion list versus a listopia list?

message 4: by C. (friends, please call me by name) (last edited Apr 14, 2013 07:12PM) (new)

C.  (friends, please call me by name) (riedel) Hm, I'm encountering this entry two years hence but I'm thrilled to discuss local work any way. I suppose the old-fashioned method of compilation will help build lists: people adding local titles! There's a lot of Manitoba in my blogs here. I'll weed them out one of these days.



message 5: by C. (friends, please call me by name) (last edited Apr 19, 2013 10:56AM) (new)

C.  (friends, please call me by name) (riedel) I wanted to say something aloud about Rita MacNeil. I was sorry to hear she died two days ago. She is a writer of another kind but also has an autobiography and of course, she's a great pride to Nova Scotia as well as Canada. I'm into rock & pop but like a great deal of Rita's work.

She reaches you on many levels, her songs surpass genre, and we won't do without her soaring Christmas album. "Now The Bells Ring" is my favourite. My parents had the great honour of seeing Rita perform from the front row! They said it was something for she and the dancers to kick their feet and smile so close to their faces. Carolyn

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