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Troubled with Sister/Brother

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Vasilisa | 122 comments Mod
The title says it all.
Have u had a trouble because of ur sister/brother?

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Vasilisa | 122 comments Mod
My sister is a trouble maker, she likes to touch everything that she found nice, and we are very un-alike. She's cute-item-hunter girl and im a simplicity kind. Blabber and easy-stressed. Boys and no friend.
Sea and Sky.

U know that im phobia with fish right? An auntie ever gave me six fish, and because i pity it, i decided to take care of it.
Its not easy*, i didnt have an aquarium, so i put it in a bucket, one fish died otw(on the way).
tomorrow, one died again. 4 fish left. Days and days later, 2 fish died.
*note: my father is the one who took care of it.

Days and days later again, my father goes to another city, lefting me to take care of the fish alone. My mom, and sis, is scared too.
I dont know how to change the water without touching the fish, so the water turn yellow, yellow, and smelly.
One day, my sister said that she wanted to change the water, im scared, shes too, but she insisted to.
She hold the side of the bucket, and the water flow out, she didnt realize that one of the fish is out.
I stared at her in horror, screamed, my mother yelled at her, and she screamed too (to the fish, not my mom).
And so my mom tell her to take care of it, but she do nothing.
The fish is still jumping, gasping, and i prayed the fish to die. It didnt worked, so i just cursed.
My mom, who's the major animal-coward, decided to take a shovel and shove the fish and put it inside the bucket again, well, she couldnt do it without a help.
So i help her, jumping and shivering, to shove the fish to the shovel.
Minutes and minutes later, it finally worked and the fished is saved (2 days later all the fish died).

But the story still shivered me, its a terrible memory, and my phobia havent gone yet.

message 3: by Marian (new)

Marian (marianerika) | 4 comments I feel for you. You know I have a nice brother and sister but it's not all the time that they wanna be nice, you know what I mean?

Once, my sister borrowed my calculator for her physics class and I asked for it because I'll be using it the next day. She got mad and threw the calculator back at me and into my face. I was so furious, I punched her and she punched back. And note, I'm 3 years older than her. Talk about being rude, yeah? And after the physical argument, my mom asked my sister to sleep in her room (we were sharing) and I was left alone, unheard and unfairly put to bed. I felt bad, of course. I just slept crying.

But we should try to get our patience longer and try not to argue about the littlest things. :-)

message 4: by Emilija (new)

Emilija (coffeechatter) It's good to know that it's not just my sister and I that fight like that. My sister is two years younger than me but she can beat me up because she does martial arts, so she's got an unfair advantage. :( We fight at least twenty times a day half of those times is over the TV remote. The other half is either because she found out I took something from her clothes when I didn't ask her about it or because we just get on each others nerves by doing everything that could annoy us.

One time we were sleeping in my bedroom, in my bed but under different covers. I was about to fall asleep when she says "Stop tickling my foot." I knew I wasn't doing it because I was trying to fall asleep. A second later she says again "Stop tickling my foot." I got pissed off and yelled "Shut up! I'm not even touching your stupid foot!" So then she started screaming and jumping of the bed. I did too because I didn't know what creature was going to be under her covers, and because she thought I was ticking her foot it must have been pretty big. But after I stooped screaming and walked over to the bed to check what was under her covers, she started laughing. I said "Why are you laughing?" she answered "Because there was nothing tickling my foot, I just did it so that I could see you freak out." That made me so angry! So yeah we got into another fight, woke my mum up and everyone else in the house (we had guests at that time, hence her sleeping in my bedroom).
Now I'm doing everything in my power to avoid her at home so that we wouldn't fight, I'm getting pretty sick of it now. Too many bruises. LOL. :D

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Vasilisa | 122 comments Mod
Wow.. Physical hurting is unavoidable..
Well, at least my sis and me wasnt that extreme, we dont make fun of a thing thats not so important (thats me actually, she's more like 'didnt make fun of a thing that she think it was unimportant') and when we're raging, we dont usually attack, except when a smoke was already exploding from our ear.
Usually, she was the one who hit first, i dunno why but i always feel bad about attacking, except counter-attack.

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Vasilisa | 122 comments Mod
The problem is, how do we face our parents when they faced us?

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