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message 1: by ~Tormiester~ (new)

~Tormiester~ (hatsoff343) | 1532 comments Upon entering the lush forest, Julian took in a deep breath, spinning in a circle with his eyes closed and a grin slapped on his face.
This felt good, real.
The trees mistook him for a city boy, never knowing the outdoors, but when the fire user came with him...they became interested...and frightful.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 874 comments kat smiled at him "im guessing you love the forest"

message 3: by ~Tormiester~ (new)

~Tormiester~ (hatsoff343) | 1532 comments "It's the first one I've been to since the desert!" he brightened. Even the ride here had less trees.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 874 comments kat nodded "ok i understand... so do you wana spar now or later?"

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~Tormiester~ (hatsoff343) | 1532 comments Julian's eyes brightened, "Whenever you want... But just to warn... I might try to kill you." He smiled as he turned to face her.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 874 comments "i was actuay about to say the same thing..." kat laughed "well ok lets have a fight...weapons or no weapons?"

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~Tormiester~ (hatsoff343) | 1532 comments "Hmmmm," he pondered, "..If there are weapons then you are going to have to be specific on what not to use..."
He inhaled a deep breath, the scent of the forest filling his lungs. "...It's your choice though, kat..."

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 874 comments "come on you have to make a choice..." she pulled out two silver daggers "and these are the weapons i would use if they are aloud...i dont rely on my power, i barely use it..."

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~Tormiester~ (hatsoff343) | 1532 comments Julian's eyes darkened, but he smirked, "...Interesting... Very well then. I'll show you a little trick..."
From his sleeves, two little mechanisms appeared, before they combined with his skin. "I won't use my powers either."
...That doesn't mean yours is off limits, though, he said in his head.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 874 comments kat looked at him...his eyes had gotten darker..."ok..."

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~Tormiester~ (hatsoff343) | 1532 comments "...I'm ready when you are then..." he waited, crouching to the ground.
One sting, he told the trees, One sting and then no more pain will come to you.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 874 comments kat got into fighting position somethings wrong...he seems too into this fight...hes still mad at me about the trees isnt he?

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~Tormiester~ (hatsoff343) | 1532 comments "...So..." he said, casually. Julian was slowly slipping into Firecatcher mode...
This wasn't good.
"Are you going to make the first move, or shall I?" he raised an eyebrow. His lavender hair was pulled into a short pony-tail but some of his bangs still fell into his red eyes. They glimmered with hunger, those eyes.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 874 comments kat relaxed and stood calmly "julian are you ok?"

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~Tormiester~ (hatsoff343) | 1532 comments His eyes narrowed in confusion, remembering she was no "target." "...Yeah... I'm just waiting for the attack. Did you want me to go first...?" His face innocently contorted in confusion.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 874 comments kat walked over to him " serious are you ok?"

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~Tormiester~ (hatsoff343) | 1532 comments Lowering his eyelids a bit, Julian sighed, standing up. He detached the mechanisms to where they departed to some other part of his body.
No trick today. No desert fun.
No deaths.
When he opened his eyes again, he released all the fighting with it. He smiled to her, "If you do not want to fight then perhaps some other time? We should just enjoy nature today." he started to walk before he stopped, turning his dark eyes t her for a split second, "I warned you that I might try to kill you, but I assure you that the forest would stop me before I went too far."
Then he was whistling a happy tune.


*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 874 comments kat raised an eyebrow and walked next to him through the forest

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~Tormiester~ (hatsoff343) | 1532 comments Julian listened to the sounds, the voices of the plant-life. They called to him, asking them if he really would've done to them what he warned them of.
One sting.
He would only hurt them once and then no more harm would've come to them. Now they might never know how that sting was to be delivered.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 874 comments kat watched julian...he seemed so at hom around the plants how did he pass as a fire user?

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~Tormiester~ (hatsoff343) | 1532 comments "...Now...I know this must be somewhat boring for you, so why don't we talk some more...?" Julian laughed at how much he's talked with this girl all day.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 874 comments kat shrugged "ok...what do u wana talk about?"

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~Tormiester~ (hatsoff343) | 1532 comments "Hmm...Do you have any siblings...?" Small talk wasn't his thing, but something was disturbing him about the air around them. It seemed too familiar.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 874 comments "no...well an older brother but i havent seen him in years..." kat said

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~Tormiester~ (hatsoff343) | 1532 comments "...Really?" Julian became interested, "WAs he your twin...?"

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 874 comments kat looked down "ya...his name was kris..."

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~Tormiester~ (hatsoff343) | 1532 comments "...Is something wrong...?" Julian's eye softened a bit, concerned.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 874 comments "i havent seen him in years because he night he was there the next morning he wasnt...i dont know what happened i just know im never going to see him..." kat crossed her arms and walked faster anger and sadness in her eyes

message 30: by ~Tormiester~ (new)

~Tormiester~ (hatsoff343) | 1532 comments "Aw, don't be like that... Just cause he's up and left doesn't mean he's...dead" he tried his hardest to smile. Death....wasn't his strong suite.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 874 comments "well i know hes not dead...i would feel it if he was...i just know im never going to see him..." kat said

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~Tormiester~ (hatsoff343) | 1532 comments Julian smirked, his red eyes darkening, "..Is that some kind of 'at least, not in this life' kind of thing...?"
He had remembered the old woman of Fearworse blabbering about something like this... Two people....separated at birth...or sometime after..... They don't find each other in more than five life cycles, for many of those cycles it is too late...
Question was...did he believe it..?
Well, did he kill the old woman?
...Marv beat him to it.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 874 comments kat looked at him "your doing it again...your eyes..." she pointed "what are you thinking about?"

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~Tormiester~ (hatsoff343) | 1532 comments At the mention, that darkness faded into a look of confusion, "...What are you talking about..?" Thus it was forgotten. "...I'm just...reminiscing. One's past can really bring out a man's..." he contemplated the right word as the darkness slowly creeped back into his eyes. He smirked up to the sky seductively as he thought. "...Inner self? ...No...maybe..." He turned to her, smiling sweetly again, "Who knows."

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 874 comments kat looked at him suspiciously..."ok..." she let it drop "so what about you? do you have any siblings?"

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~Tormiester~ (hatsoff343) | 1532 comments "Died in a fire." Julian stared straight ahead.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 874 comments "oh sorry" kat looked down still walking...she started rubbing the scar on her left palm

message 38: by ~Tormiester~ (new)

~Tormiester~ (hatsoff343) | 1532 comments "No worries." His jaw was clenched.
He finally told someone about the fire; they didn't find out for themselves, he willingly told them. Just what was this girl doing to him?
"Where'd you get that scar...?" he eyed the scar she was rubbing suspiciously.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 874 comments kat looked at him and closed her hand "uh no where...a fighting accident..." kat lied

message 40: by ~Tormiester~ (new)

~Tormiester~ (hatsoff343) | 1532 comments Julian gave a harsh chuckle. Definitely by now, he was so used to figuring out when someone's lying to him that he'd be great for the police's lie detector. Too bad they're tryin to get them all.
Mainly, he noticed the hesitation accompanied by her lie.
"...I guess the truth is too painful to say, huh...? That's...understandable."
He kept walking, a sorrowful smirk on his face.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 874 comments "its not painful its embarrassing and stupid..." kat muttered

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~Tormiester~ (hatsoff343) | 1532 comments "...Try me." Julian asked, amusement dancing in his eyes.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 874 comments kat looked at him "no"

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~Tormiester~ (hatsoff343) | 1532 comments "Oh Pleeease? Will you if I tell you something embarrassing?" Julian laughed on the inside at how he was changing for this girl.

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 874 comments "maybe..." kat shrugged

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~Tormiester~ (hatsoff343) | 1532 comments "...Alright then" Julian plopped himself by a tree, looking up to the cloudy sky.
"...Hmm..." the only time he could remember that he was embarrassed was... "Oh Yeah!" He looked at her with a smile, "Okay, so before I arrived at the academy, my group had to go undercover so much that the police would think twice before suspecting us..."

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~Tormiester~ (hatsoff343) | 1532 comments Now, Julian began to feel uncomfortable, adverting his gaze from hers, "...So I...I had to enroll at a prep school....for girls.... This...was to last for one I had to act and dress like a girl..." He took a shakily deep breath, "...and of course...the girls had dances with the boys prep school...." he shivered, "....let's just say my disguise worked more than I wanted it to.... ....Those"

*悲剧的面具*~{thingAWESOME}~ | 874 comments kat covered her mouth as she laughed "ok well...mine isnt that embarrassing but thanks for sharing" kat smiled

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~Tormiester~ (hatsoff343) | 1532 comments "...I guess it's your turn then..." he patted the spot next to her for her to sit. Julian smiled.

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