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message 1: by Christine (last edited Jul 14, 2011 07:12PM) (new)

Christine Honsinger (fiddlette) | 13 comments I am reading Moura and so far (i'm about half way through) it has been so much fun...lots of gothic goodness...truly a guilty pleasure i think...just like when I was a teenager and first discovered Holt, Whitiney, Eden, etc...

has anyone else sampled Virginia Coffman's books? and what about the Moura series? Which is the second in the line up??? I'd like to order it from my library now to be sure it will be there when I'm ready for it waiting! :)

message 2: by Steve (new)

Steve | 3 comments I read Moura last fall and I agree it was a fun romp, but, as you said, a bit of a guilty pleasure and probably an acquired taste as well. Here are the remaining Anne Wicklow series titles in the order they were published.

1. Moura (1959)
2. The Devil Beyond Moura (1966)
3. The Dark Gondola (1968)
aka The Dark Beyond Moura
4. The Vampyre of Moura (1970)
5. The Beckoning from Moura (1977)
6. Return to Moura (1999)

message 3: by Christine (new)

Christine Honsinger (fiddlette) | 13 comments thanks steve!

There is some confusion about which is exactly the second book of the series...some sites say it is the site says it is as you say, The Devil Beyond Moura...and then I read somewhere that there is a controversy about an unabridged version of The Beckoning...i'm confused!

I do not read modern books ever...I love vintage books, so I'm not sure what you mean about the book being an acquired taste, but find your comment fascinating! :)

message 4: by Christine (new)

Christine Honsinger (fiddlette) | 13 comments this is the book that is causing confusion...published in 1965...

it says it is the sequel to Moura. other sites say the devil beyond moura is the sequel...strange!

message 5: by Christine (new)

Christine Honsinger (fiddlette) | 13 comments okay, i finally found the answer to this question on another website...

The reason for the confusion about the sequence of these Moura books is because they were re-released under different you will see here...

This for anyone who may read Moura and become obsessed with Virginia Coffman as I is a master of atmosphere...

1. Moura (New York, Crown 1959)
2. The Beckoning (New York, Ace 1965 and as The Beckoning from Moura 1977)
3. The Devil Vicar (New York, Ace, 1966; revised edition as Vicar of Moura 1972.)
4. The Dark Gondola (New York, Ace, 1968; and as The Dark Beyond Moura , 1977)
5. The Vampyre of Moura (New York, Ace 1970)
6. Return to Moura (1999)

message 6: by Vickie (new)

Vickie Britton | 8 comments I had the pleasure of meeting Virginia Coffman once when she lived in Reno, Nevada. She was very devoted to her sister Donnie, who she dedicated most of her books to. When I was a young writer starting out we corresponded for quite some time before she passed on. I always loved her gothic settings and heroes. She was a big influence on me as a writer. Moura was one of her favorite of her own works.

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