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message 1: by MollyRena (new)

MollyRena erin sat her things down (gtg)

message 2: by Autumn-Rain (new)

Autumn-Rain (arsymphony) | 8 comments ((k))
Sari did cartwheels.

message 3: by MollyRena (new)

MollyRena Erin looked at her and sat down

message 4: by Ana (last edited Jul 23, 2011 02:13AM) (new)

Ana (ana-and-the-timeturners) Mel walked into her room. Her two other roommates were already there.
"Hi," she started, "I'm Melissa Katharina Addison Clement. I know, it's a long name. You can simply call me Mel."

message 5: by MollyRena (new)

MollyRena Erin smiled

message 6: by Ana (last edited Jul 24, 2011 03:14PM) (new)

Ana (ana-and-the-timeturners) "Nice to meet you, Erin," Mel said smiling back

message 7: by MollyRena (new)

MollyRena "yup"

message 8: by Ana (new)

Ana (ana-and-the-timeturners) "So how old are you?" Mel asked

message 9: by MollyRena (new)

MollyRena "15"

message 10: by Ana (new)

Ana (ana-and-the-timeturners) "Nice, I'm 15 too," Mel replied grinning

message 11: by MollyRena (new)

MollyRena Erin smiled

message 12: by Ana (new)

Ana (ana-and-the-timeturners) Mel sat quiet for a minute, trying to figure out what Erin was. Then she opened her eyes.
"You're a mix between vampire and zombie, aren't you?" she asked Erin with a smile

message 13: by MollyRena (new)

MollyRena "yup." she said

message 14: by Ana (new)

Ana (ana-and-the-timeturners) "Really cool," said Mel

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