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Team Bobby and Milo

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~iMoiselleChanel~ Ok so since it was mentioned in the 'Jack or Peter' thread, I decided to start this one, lol.

I love Bobby and Milo because they love each other so much! Since Milo has been a vampire he's been so confident and isn't afraid of loving Bobby. Bobby is like the best friend that anyone would want! He is such a cutie!

Alexandria Sides NICE Chanel !!! lol

~iMoiselleChanel~ lol thanks! I'm obsessed with the love triangles in books. I think Milo and Bobby are my favorite couple aside from Peter and Alice.

Alexandria Sides YES ME TOO !!! I really hope that Bobby let's Milo change him !

~iMoiselleChanel~ I know! I didn't even think about that. lol I like Bobby as a human, but if he let Milo change him, they wouldn't have to suffer to consequences of losing each other through death or something.

Stormy It would suck for them if Milo's soul-mate person came along. I like Bobby too much to see him go through all that.

~iMoiselleChanel~ Which is all the more reason Milo should bite Bobby now, lol!

Alexandria Sides Lol ! Yes , that would be bad if Milo's soul - mate came . VERY BAD !

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