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message 1: by Chelsea (new)

Chelsea Northrop (chelserz) | 186 comments Mod
amazing book. im not sure who my favorite doctor was out of honey,kat and paige. they were all really interesting to read about.

message 2: by Taylor (new)

Taylor Simons | 143 comments Mod
This book was amazing. The beginning was shocking. I was surprised they actually started with the trial before actually starting the book. Sometimes I like books like that. This one for sure. If I remember right I felt so bad for all the doctors. Honey, if I remember right was murder by that one doctor that had made a bet saying that she wouldn't sleep with him. Honey ended up falling in love and then she ended up being pregnant and that doctor had to get rid of her because he was marrying some other girl. Kat was struggling with her brother because he kept getting himself in trouble and she was under a lot of stress because the famous guy happen to be in her hands and it was his life or her death. He was also helping Kat's brother. Then there is Paige. She was my favorite doctor. Not only was she strong and will powered. She proved Dr. Baker that she could be a real doctor. She was accused of Murder. The end was very surprising. I really didn't think Dr. Baker had a little thing for her. All I really can say I was happy she wasn't guilty.

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