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Jrush22 | 3 comments All I can remember about this book is that it starts off following a character that works at a post office in the middle of nowhere (aka Idaho or the Dakotas). While working there, he notices that all of the worlds junk mail with no return addresses seem to end up where he is working. Something triggers inside him to start looking through the junk mail which in turn leads him to discover some kind of hidden message about a mysterious power. He leaves his job to find the power and along the way finds another character who is also looking for this same power.
From what i can remember, they both find it, but somehow the bad character gets locked away underneath a lake or something. He is trapped there until a group of girls decide to swim in the lake. Somehow he plants some kind of evil seed within the girls which corrupts them. i think that each one of the girls become pregnant, which in turn has something to do with releasing the bad character from his cage under the lake. I am not sure how the book ends, but if anyone remembers what book this is please let me know. It was a very large book from what i can remember.

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Jrush22 | 3 comments Also, the paperback copy of the book was all color red.

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Jrush22 | 3 comments Thats it! Thank you very much.

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