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Joseph wow, i just realized that. i was to caught up with the characters to realize

Julia Me, too. I loved these books so much but I don't like that they swore a lot.

Joseph they swore? i dont remember, ah well, good book regardless. but im heart broken, i just let a friend borrow book 2, and now im finding pages of it all around his car

Julia I know what you mean. It's hard to find clean books nowadays.

Joseph well one reason i didnt mind damn being there was even though cussing is now common place. back in the time rangers apprentice is focused on the words we use insults now were just words back then, although they were used when needed rather than when wanted.

Julia Good point. But that doesn't mean I have to like it.

Joseph never said you did. no one does, i just dont mind it, thats my view

Julia Okay. I respect that.

Clara TikiPaws12 wrote: "I think it made you think about how it was a different time, but it wasn't a huge deal. Just something I took note of when I went to reccomend."

same here!

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Eli I never really noticed. It is good though still. It gives a broader story to everything that has happened in the series.

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Yonina man i read the books like 5 times and never notice ...i am soo dumb

Yonina Julia wrote: "Me, too. I loved these books so much but I don't like that they swore a lot."

same......and i know this has NOTHING to do with rangers apprentice but are you a zelda fan?

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Mivie I think I know what you mean, about people getting captured in every book but the first, but I have to point out that its not really true. no one is captured in Icebound Land or Battle for Skandia although they are mainly about the capture of Will and Evanlyn in Skandia. (The Siege of Macindaw is similar in that regard where no one new is captured.) But no one is captured in The Kings of Clonmel, Halt's Peril, or The Emperor of Nihon-Ja either.

Talitha Julia wrote: "Me, too. I loved these books so much but I don't like that they swore a lot."

Me neither :(

Hot Chocolate Confessions I'm glad other people don't like the swearing. I own a few of the books, and I just glued strips of paper over the words. :)

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