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message 1: by Werner (last edited Jul 14, 2011 10:25AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Werner | 686 comments Barbara, I'd read comments elsewhere, before I started reading this book, which indicated that Madselin and Rolf wound up as a couple, though I'm nowhere near that point of the plot yet in my actual reading (and so can't guess yet exactly what her thinking was). At this point, I have very dubious feelings about him as a romantic prospect. Granted, not ALL Norman nobles were vicious psychopaths (and some were less vicious than others), though most of them were. But so far, Rolf hasn't set himself much apart from the general membership of Thugs-Are-Us, that I can see. If he wants to win ME over, he's definitely going to have to work hard at it. :-) (Where's Robin Hood when we need him?)

message 2: by Sallie (new)

Sallie | 312 comments Oh, good! I feel like I am taking a final exam! Have finished Madselin and am ready to go BUT......I can't find the main thread! Have you all started yet and I missed it? Where should I be? Werner - don't give up on Rolf yet......

Werner | 686 comments Sallie, the link to the main thread is: . Don't worry, we just started two days ago! There's no hard and fast place in the book that you "should" be; some of us, like me, are reading it for the first time (and no doubt read at different rates), and some, like you, have already read it --some perhaps several times.

Since you pled on Rolf's behalf, I'll keep an open mind about him for now. :-)

message 4: by Damask (new)

Damask | 15 comments Rolf is not meant to be a romantic prospect.. he needs a wife, Madselin needs a man to take care of her....

message 5: by Barbara (last edited Jul 16, 2011 12:07AM) (new)

Barbara (sema4dogz) | 2178 comments Must we have a spoiler thread? I find it very confusing myself and would much rather people just said if about to say something a bit spoilerish....

Update - thanks Peggy, for instructions on how to do it properly

Peggy (peggy908) | 896 comments This thread has been closed to further comment; please see the regular "Madselin" thread to post comments.

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