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Mairéad | 10 comments I'm going to start reading Bitten soon, the first book in The Women Of The Underworld series. I think I'll like the books but I often get tired of series after a while, even if I like the author. So I'm wondering, if I end up liking this series, (and I know she has another series called 'Darkness Rising' ...I think?) are there any books by her that aren't part of a series, that I could just read in between?

I've checked her page on this site by the way but it appears it's series after series or else a short story she's contributed to a collection!

Blue Eyed Vixen | 4 comments I didn't realise the Women of the Underworld was a series when I picked up my first Kelley Armstrong novel Living with the Dead but I have to say I had no trouble following the characters and plot and quite enjoyed it. I often rely on what I find in my local library so sometimes end up reading a series out of sequence with can be confusing until I later put the pieces together however this book was no problem at all ~ Vix

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