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Alex | 142 comments Mod
Okay so the mission assignment is at the bottom and you have a whole folder so separate it out into scenes (ex: Scene 1: investigation, etc.)

Info: One of our head teachers Mr. Henessee here at Thentra Academy has gone missing. It is suspected that he was taken hostage by a gang of art theives in London, as he witnessed their crime of stealing a few paintings in The National Gallery.

Mission: Gather information. You may want to check out (undercover, of course) the Jewel Bar to find out some information (it is believed the gang hangs out here.) Once you uncover the location of Mr. Henessee, carefully rescue him and return to safety.*

*if back-up is needed, contact the academy immediately.

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MizziQ Um... I'm confused at how we sign up for missions but if this is how we do it me (C.J) and my roomates will do this one....

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Alex | 142 comments Mod
Go to the sign-up page :)

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MizziQ I can't edit the topic title thingy but this is Mist Rosemary/C.J/Erin Dusley/ and Lexi 's mission. Thanks!

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!ĘŁÏŻÅ¡ | 94 comments Ooh can I make the teacher?

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