Madame Madame question

Do you think our hero ever did meed Madame afterwards?
Asif Asif (last edited Jul 14, 2011 06:56AM ) Jul 14, 2011 06:55AM
I really love this novel and I've re-read it more than any other recent novel. This is no doubt partially due to the subject matter and the story itself and parallels in my own life (no I never tried to woo my French teacher!) and after every re-reading I cannot help imagining if the two ever met again and became lovers?
What do you think? Their last meeting and her parting words (in French) certainly leave this possibility open...

Maybe Mr Libera can write a sequel...

I agree with your sentiments Asif. There is the definite potential for the two characters to become reacquainted. I'm just pleased to see that someone else has enjoyed this lovely Polish novel as much as myself. I was reading Madame concurrently with John Irving's A Widow for One Year and embraced the characterisation of both the central relationships. Even though Libera's depiction is much more about the vague frisson of freedom that his Madame offers him, it is still a striking bond between woman and boy that is established. One which could do with a more fully explored and extended resolution. Although A Widow for One Year's conclusion is reunifying conclusion is nowhere near as satisfying as it perhaps could have been. Which may well be the point of such defining relationships, they are only defining of a specific period, beyond which they become something else, something less involving.

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