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Is it true that men don't like to read?

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message 1: by Nazatul Akhma (new)

Nazatul Akhma Fuaddin (nazatulakhma) | 9 comments Mod
*topic and the discussion included on this post was transferred from Q'reazant Facebook page*

We had the pleasure of discussing this topic with Johari Rahmad, the founder of, sometime ago and his take on the matter is: It’s not that men don’t like to read. It’s just that men have very low attention span so most prefer to read blogs or forums instead of books.
Well, we think they’re just plain lazy compared to women :p What do you think?

Shahidatul Amirah Amiruddin
I think it is almost true. As for most of the men whom I know, they prefer reading newspapers and magazines that are related to their interests such as 'Motor Traders' and 'Majalah Pancing', compared to books.
In the first case, they have the need to know what is happening around them and they believed it is important as the information becomes handy when someone brought up the current issues during their lunch or happy hours with their peers. For the latter case, this is very much related to their hobbies. There is not much information in the Motor Traders magazine, except that it advertises vehicles for sale, yet, it is still attractive for them (even though there is no intention in buying any car) due to the fact that they can refer to cars which have the best 'make-up' and try to implement the same at their own car. This is very fascinating to them compared to reading books.
I am a fan of Sydney Sheldon. All his novels are unputdownable. I encouraged my husband to read one of his best novel, but he was reading until the 2nd page of chapter 1, when suddenly he gave me back the novel and said, ' I am not interested'. that was it!
oh yes, they love to read blogs -specifically, the icon blogs such as our former PM, Tun Mahathir.

Faizah Hamdan
When it come to tis, it's all about priorities, why people don't like to read books irregardless men or women becoz reading is realy time consuming and when u read u need to be focus and definitely can't be distrated in order to understand and njoy wat u're i right? if u given a choice to read angel and demon nye buku or watching the movie,which one will you pick? i love to read, however i hav to admit it's not easy to find time just to read my favourite book...if onlly u're fully aware the benefits of reading a good books.
btw,i do have guy friend tat loves to read books,infact he read more books than i did!!

wah, hebat! nothing related to your friend, but I know a guy who likes to read Sidney Sheldon books. Mula mula kagum jugak lah since serious tak pernah jumpa guys who read novels,apa lagi the ones yang revolve around love ni.Turns out, the guy is gay hehehe - Naza

message 2: by Nazatul Akhma (new)

Nazatul Akhma Fuaddin (nazatulakhma) | 9 comments Mod
Yup, it is over generalization without hard stats to back the statement up. Did you know that the last study done on Malaysian reading habits where they found Malaysians only read an average of 2 books a year was done in the 80s. Surely the figure has changed but seems nobody want to contemplate another study considering that Malaysians are not very cooperative when it comes to answering questionnaires :p

message 3: by Natasha (new)

Natasha (mamahaikal) Yup..the only men that really read books are my dad and close guy friends only read comic books and newspapers even my husband only read newspapers. According to him reading books are tiring..well..

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