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I cannot believe I've only had 3 "views" for this book!

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Lorrie Why aren't you reading this book? It's fantastic!!!

Charles get used to it, i read a lot of local authors (portland, or) and some of them have written some of the best stuff i have seen in print, and no one reads them. i use my goodreads, facebook, google+ and so forth to try and get them some love.

Lorrie I suppose so. It's just hard to believe that this book hasn't been devoured by readers. The book is profoundly disturbing, haunting, and mesmerizing. Thanks for posting again. It was nice to see some interest.

message 4: by Cyd (new) - rated it 4 stars

Cyd I loved it. I thought about it for a long time after I read it.

Lorrie I read it a couple months ago and am still thinking about it. I live in Illinois but have friends near Portland. I can't wait to come out for another visit and visit "the" forest preserve. It was good to read your note, Cyd. Makes me feel like there are more than just a couple of us on the deserted Rock island.

Lorrie I thought Carnival Wolves was quite a bit better than My Bewilderment. fyi

Lorrie Just finished "The Ambidexterist" and it was better than "Carnival Wolves" although not quite as good as "My Abandonment". Did anyone else out there read "The Ambidexterist"? I wonder when Rock is going to come out with a new book?

Charles he's working on a book called SISTER which he says will center around the nameless character from my abandonment, and his sister's search for him. i dont know much else about it, and that info is about a year old as it is.

Lorrie Ok, thanks for the info. I'll be on the lookout for Sister then. I wonder when he'll finish it and it will be out?

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