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**Start RP**

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Hayden walked to her locker. She smiled at some of the people she knew as she walked through the hallways.

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Mckayla hung out with her group of friends

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Hayden saw Mckayla and said hi.

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She smiled and said hi back

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She walked to her locker.

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She went back to talking with her friends

Max *SHERlocked heart* Willow was sitting on the grass looking around. She started drawing but was distracted when a bird flew by

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) Sariba parked her bike and walked into the school and went to her locker. She quickly took out her books and closed her locker quietly.

Mason walked into the school and went to his locker.

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Hayden saw Mason and said hi to him.

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) Mason smiled at Hayden,"Hey,"

Sariba sighed. I'm stil a nobody...

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"How's it going?" Hayden asked.

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) Sariba, looking really shocked, said,"hi,"

"Great... aside from the endless amount of homework," mason grinned.

Max *SHERlocked heart* Willow went to her locker and put her books away. She looked at the people around her and then back inside her locker. She hated crowds

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Hayden smiled, "Yea there's always that. So what class so you have first?"

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) Sariba walked to her first class.

Mason looked at his schedule and sighed,"History. Yay!" He said sarcastically.

Max *SHERlocked heart* Willow walked down the hall in a daze. She wasnt watching where she was going and tripped over her own feet. She fell over and frowned. She heard some laughter, but quickly got back up and dusted herself off

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Hayden laughed, "Aww come on, it's not worse than calculus."

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) Mason shrugged,"true..." He saw Willow and siad"are you okay?"

Max *SHERlocked heart* Willow looked at Mason and smiled slightly, her eyes flicking from side to side. "Yes, thank you," she said, pushing her hair back behind her ears.

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) Mason smiled and nodded. He didn't know what else to say, so he turned back to Hayden and asked,"What do you have first?"

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Hayden shrugged, "I don't know, probably history or english."

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) "Wait... why don't you know?" Mason asked.

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"I forget my schedule." Hayden said. She looked at her schedule, "History." she said

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Rameela (Star) (starshynebrite) Mason smiled,"Great! We have it together!"

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Hayden smiled, "Yea we do."

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Julia Horan Christian went to his locker, dialing his combination, nodding to a group of his friends. He quickly got his stuff and headed over to them, where they talked until it was time for class.

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) Ever walked down the hall to her locker. She put her bag down and opened her locker getting her books out and putting them in her bag.

Max *SHERlocked heart* Willow smiled and put her pencil behind her ear. She looked at people walking pass

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) Ever pulled out some food out of her bag to eat before the bell rang for the next class. She finished putting the books she didn't need in her locker, then closed her locker and went and sat on a bench outside.

Max *SHERlocked heart* Willow sat on the grass sketching. She looked at a girl sitting on a bench and smiled slightly.

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) Ever stuck some earphones in and listened to some music. God this year is harder than the last. She thought.

Max *SHERlocked heart* Willow continued sketching. She looked at a small flower and began drawing that.

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) Ever watched everyone mill around talking to their friends and sighed.

Max *SHERlocked heart* "Hi," Willow said to the girl.

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) Ever took her earphones out. "Oh hi." She said giving her a shy smile.

Max *SHERlocked heart* Willow smiled slightly. "Are you new?" she asked. She tried not to let her eyes wander over somewhere else. She had a thing about being distracted easily

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) "Um yeh I am." She said watching the girl curiously.

Max *SHERlocked heart* Willow nodded. "Cool," she said. She pushed her dark hair out of her eyes. "Name's Willow," she said, holding her hand out.

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Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) She pushed her hair behind her ear. "Um my name is Ever. Nice to meet you." She said shaking her hand.

Max *SHERlocked heart* Willow smiled. "Are you getting along alright here?" she asked

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) "Um so far I guess so. School work is harder than I expected but thats ok. how about you?" She asked.

Max *SHERlocked heart* "I dont really pay much attention," she said. "Only in art"

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) "Oh I see. That boring huh?" She said.

Max *SHERlocked heart* Willow smiled. "Yea," she said. "I get distracted really easily too."

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) "I see." She said smiling. "So what year are you in?" She asked.

Max *SHERlocked heart* "11," Willow said. "And you?"

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) "12." She said.

Max *SHERlocked heart* "Cool," she said. She played with a loose strand of hair and grinned.

Luna ❤Thing 5❤ (moonflower3) "Yeah I guess so." She said smiling. "Not as great when the work is harder."

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