Smokin' Seventeen (Stephanie Plum, #17) Smokin' Seventeen question

Do you have a plan for how the series is going to end? And do you plan on ending it soon?
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Do you have a plan for how the series is going to end? And do you plan on ending it soon?

For me, I now consider that this series ended with Twelve Sharp. Nothing in the books since then has been up to the standard of the earlier books, nor have any of those books advanced the characters or story line.

So for me the last line in the series is 'One Ranger is all you will ever need'

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For me the Plum series ended with Twelve Sharp. IMO, the writing and the characters have disintegrated to such a large degree that I read Books 13-17 out of morbid curiosity.

I have the same question, although after reading 17, I'm getting the impression that Stephanie is feeling the need to "settle" down and hopes, Joe!

I don't think Evanovich is going to end it. I think she's going to stop writing one day and leave it open in case she ever chooses to go back and then just never go back. She has broached a two book ending but given that one complete book a year is a stretch, that could possibly be too much.

The true Plum series ended with book 12 and "One Ranger is all you need." The rest of the books are just a waste of paper to fill up JE's bank account. My feeling is JE is no longer writing the books herself or she is now writing them herself because whoever was writing the first 12 is no longer with her "enterprise".

I absolutely love this series, but there is a point where enough is enough. As much as I love when a series has more to it I'd like to see how it ends too so I'm hoping we eventually find out if it's happily ever after or not.

here goes! I believe all of the readers that started out with this series as teens are now adults and can handle a spicy ending. I think a menage is the answer and Joe quits the cops to co own Rangers enterprize each along with Steph incharge of different divisions. I know Steph would love it~

I love this series, and I think your right she's looking to settle down & marry. I think Joe's would be the best beat, Ranger doesn't seem the settling type.

Not that I have a say... but I don't want it to ever end! She could age into a Grandma Mazur-type still deciding between Joe and Ranger!

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