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drew (drewbeck) Tell me, and I will edit anything. This is mostly correct.


District 1- Luxury Items for the Capitol

District 2- Peacekeepers, Stone Mining and making weapons

District 3- Electronics and firearms

District 4- Fish and other Seafood

District 5- DNA Manipulations and Muttations

District 6- Medical Research and Morphling

District 7- Lumber

District 8- Textiles

District 9- Hunting

District 10- Livestock

District 11- Agriculture

District 12- Coal Mining (terminated at the end of Catching Fire)

District 13: (Was thought to be terminated, but secretly it wasn't) Graphite Mining (unofficially they manufactured nuclear weapons and among that housed and produced other weaponry) Not one of the Districts. . .

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drew (drewbeck) *Side note: D5 also does Math Research*

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