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Hey! These are all the stories I am working on....please read them and tell me what you think!!!


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Danders Untold

“DOES IT REALLY MATTER?” she leaned forward and stared at the man across the table, letting her black hair fall forward and frame her face. She ignored it as it covered her green eyes. “Don’t you get it?” she almost laughed. “We are under attack! How do you expect us to defend ourselves against this attack if you will not let the armies of Niveus fight? We are needed in this war. How can you possibly not understand that? How else are we to stop the troops of Improbus? They are fighting as hard as they can for our land, and if you want to keep it, send out your army.”
“Rose…” the man sighed. “I see that, but surely you see my point of view?”
She shook her head resentfully. “No, Burnell, I really don’t. I’m sorry, but I don’t. We are needed,” she repeated. When Burnell didn’t respond, Rose looked at the rest of the council along the table. “Do you disagree with me?” she demanded. “Do you disagree with the fact that the country of Niveus should fight?” she looked challengingly at each of them in turn.
“Honestly, Rose!”
She turned her green eyes onto the person who had spoken. “Hewett, what do you think?” she asked. “Don’t you think…that what I said before is true?” she looked almost pleadingly into his pale gray eyes.
“She has a point,” he admitted with a sigh. “We should fight. Surely we can contribute to help the cause.”
“But we…we can’t do that.” a woman named Danielle protested.
“Ha!” Burnell exclaimed gleefully. “See?” he glared at Rose. “Someone agrees with me!”
“But do they all?” Rose asked, looking at the rest of the council. Many of them looked torn, unsure of what to do. “Alright,” Rose said. “All in favor of not sending out Niveus’s armies.”
Five out of the twelve raised the hands.
“All in favor of sending Niveus’s armies out.”
The other seven raised the hands.
“B—but…!” Burnell spluttered, staring around in disbelief.
Rose couldn’t help but smile smugly at him. ‘Ha back to you!’ she thought. He would have to let them go out now.
He threw up his hands in exasperation. “We…will send them out,” he sighed in submission.
Rose stepped out of the Niveus Government Building and into the snow. She looked back at it and sighed unhappily. War. Why? Was it too difficult for people to live in peace and unity? She wondered, turning away unhappily and plodding off through the snow.
She lived just a mile away from the town, in a small clearing in the woods. As she trudged along, she couldn’t help but think back. Perhaps she had been too harsh… ‘It doesn’t matter,’ she told herself firmly. ‘It’s done.’
When she was still a hundred yards from her home, her two huskies came bounding to her, tackling her into the snow. She laughed as they licked her face and played around in the snow.
With them bounding around her feet, they walked home. Life was perfect—for now. Nothing else to be said.
She flipped on a light switch and walked into her small home just as the sun was dipping behind the mountains. She prepared a meal and settled down for the night, eager to rest before she got up for a full day’s of work again.
BOOM! Jerking awake, Rose stared wildly around. She scrambled towards the door, afraid of what she would see, and opened it wide; her eyes stared at in disbelief at the scene that lay before her. She heard her huskies jump to their paws and race to the door
The house shook as another BOOM! echoed throughout the land.
Rose flinched as a huge flash of light fly from the sky and landed in the woods beyond, lighting it on fire.
“They are coming…” she whispered, staring in horror. She felt a nudge in her legs and looked down at her dogs, who were looking pleadingly up at her. One of them gestured with his head towards the outdoors, where they could escape the cascading bombs of Improbus.
But Rose did nothing. She merely stood there, in shock. She looked down at her huskies and realized suddenly, even if she fled, some other thing would find her; whether it was the Improbus troops, or the beasts of the forest, she would not survive long.
“No boy,” she murmured, sinking down to her knees to pet her pals. As she gazed into the eyes of her huskies, her own hazel eyes filled with tears. “It’s too late.”
A single tear trickled down her cheek and landed on her husky’s nose. He tilted his head as if suddenly realizing what she was saying.
“Iluak, Atka,” she murmured. “I love you. I have lived the happiest and most wonderful moments of my life with you, and I hate to see them go. There is no way for me to escape. All I can do is stay here and wait, I know the Lord will watch over me. It is His Providence. I hope you are happy wherever it is you will go.”
With a final hug, she moved away from the door, opening the path to the woods where freedom and safety lay beyond.
Rose had made her decision and she knelt down in silent prayer, but she just about lost it when Iluak sat down beside her and laid his head on her lap while Atka curled up on her other side.
She broke down in tears, but barely managed to choke through them, “I will be alright. You must leave and find a place that you will be safe. I’m sorry I can protect you no longer.”
Rose stroked each of their backs again, gave each of them a kiss and watched them as they padded over to the threshold. Regret seemed to show in their eyes as they looked back at her before letting out a mournful howl and disappearing into the night.

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