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The 2nd Mrs. de Winter

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Aubrey I found it very interesting that she was about 20 years younger and decided to marry Maxim. When she did marry him and went to live at Manderley, I wanted her to stand up for herself more! Mrs. Danvers was making me so mad and I just felt like the new wife needed to step up and stop acting so silly! It was kind of frustrating, but I guess it needed that to be able to build towards the end of the story.

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Pandora I saw the movie of Rebecca and became a fan of the movie. I eventually picked up the book. I was suprised how hopeless the book was. It was clear in the prolouge that although the de Winters stayed married they were leading empty lives.

As for the second Mrs. de Winter not being able to stand up to Mrs. Danvers that was Maxim had set up. He wanted a wife who would be more of a child then an adult. Someone he could donimate like the first Mrs. de Winter had done to him. It was telling in the movie when he said, she had lost her childish look. It was gone forever. As if now as an adult Maxim didn't value her as much.

Having read the book the movie seems so much sadder to me.

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I don't believe they were leading empty lives by the end! I always feel like once the house has gone so is the ghost of Rebecca that has been haunting her and maxim. I always feel by the end that finally there are only two people in their marriage, just as there was at the very start before they arrived at the house when everything was going so well for them. I also like the 2nd Mrs. de winter and feel sorry for her being placed in that situation at the start, she is young and believes everything is going to be wonderful after she falls in love with and marries Maxim, this naivety comes out in her seemingly silly behaviour at times, but she grows up through out the book so that by the end i always feel things will work out well for the pair.

Heather I don't agree with much of what has been shared. I think Maxim was looking for someone as different from Rebecca as possible, someone innocent and without guile. Also he wanted someone who loved him unreservedly, which I'm sure he recognized in his new wife. I think he was pretty dense about what he put her through at Manderley, at least until he finally shared all his past.
The time after Manderley, I think was filled not so much with emptiness as much as peace after an unbelieveable difficult experience.

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i agree with you Heather, he picked her because she was the opposite to Rebecca. The fact that she behaved the way she did at Manderlay was a good thing, she didn't stand up to Danvers, she didn't control everything, that is what Maxim wanted in a wife. i think he was oblivious to the way she was treated for the most part. She was unhappy there and so was he, it changed their relationship when these other factors occurred, the end of the book got rid of all of these things and left just the couple, in love, away from Rebecca.

Joanne Zienty I think that both Rebecca and Manderlay were problematic to the second marriage for Maxim and that exorcising the ghost of the first Mrs. deWinter and the destruction of Manderlay allowed the couple to truly be a couple and have a marriage. I found it very curious, however, that the reader never learns the first name of the second Mrs. deWinter --- or did I miss it!

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Elaine Joanne wrote: "I think that both Rebecca and Manderlay were problematic to the second marriage for Maxim and that exorcising the ghost of the first Mrs. deWinter and the destruction of Manderlay allowed the coupl..."

Hi Joanne,

No we never learn her name. This is all part of her being overshadowed by Rebecca. While the memory of Rebecca persists, the 2nd Mrs DeWinter is pretty much a non entity.

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I think, as it is told from her point of view, the lack of a name shows how she struggled to find her own identity. She didn't even consider herself to be Mrs de winter, so much was she overshadowed by Rebecca, which is shown when she answers the phone to mrs danvers.

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