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message 1: by Edward (new)

Edward Rosenfeld My choice of favorite of all this fantastic series

Joshua Simon Not sure if it's my favorite or not but it is REALLY close. Karsa is my fav character in the whole series.

I also think Deadhouse Gates and Midnight Tides are up there.

message 3: by Edward (new)

Edward Rosenfeld I totally agree as to Karsa, he is my favorite character also....

Elizabeth Baxter House of chains is excellent but Deadhouse Gates and the Bonehunters are probably my favourites. Favourite characters is a difficult one. Hmmm. Blend and Picker? Whiskeyjack? Too difficult to call.

message 5: by [deleted user] (new)

Karsa surpsingly became one of my fav. characters in the series but I have to say Deadhouse Gates takes the top spot as my favorite book in the series. That run through Deadhouse Gates was insane.

message 6: by Lee (new) - rated it 5 stars

Lee Have to agree with this, by far my favorite book. Loved the characters, especially Karsa, of course. But I also thought the development of Trell Sengar very clever, and yet another T'lan Imass with personality, but I forget his name? Was it Monok?

I also enjoyed seeing Isareal Pust again, as his character is well written. Funnily enough, I really liked Fiddler in this, where he as a lesser role than in Deadhouse, but as Strings I really started to like the guy.

The final battle took be my surprise, well, not really, it certainly leads you up to what actually could happen, but I think it pretty ballsy of Erikson to finish the final battle like that, Hollywood would hate that ending :)

Kind of getting tired of Crokus/Cutter & Aspalar, their relationship is annoying me. But Cotillion is adding some interest to that story line. Complex character, one I have not got a handle on yet.

I can't wait to see what happens with Karsa in the future, I am thinking that sword is going to spill a ton of blood.

Shelley Tyger18 wrote: "My choice of favorite of all this fantastic series"

I would have to say that Karsa and House are waaaaaaay up there for me as favorites, I mean it's Karsa we're talking about, buuuuuut I can't say it's my all time favorite, that would have to be a toss up between Midnight Tides (Tehol and Bugg's friendship and humor make it for me, plus it has Trull's background story in it!) and Bonehunters and Sgt Hellian....SHE ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God she is a fantastic character and DAMN FUNNY!!!!

So what I'm saying is for me it's fourth after The Crippled God, Midnight Tides and Bonehunters!! :)

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