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Name: Tyler
Age: 16
Gender: M
Personality: it'll be roleplayed
Looks: http://th00.deviantart.net/fs42/300W/...
Crush: your person

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Tyler sat around at the beach with some friends

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They were talking about random stuff as they watched people surf

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Tyler went to help her up, "You okay?" he asked.

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"I think you dropped this." he said handing her her book

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He chuckled, "Welcome and hey."

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"I'm Tyler." he smiled. "Nice to meet you."

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He smiled and nodded, "See you around." he said and went back to his friends

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Tyler's friends asked Jim what happens so he told them. When he was finished they started poking fun at him

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They started throwing around a football around

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They talked about whatever and started laughing at something stupid.

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They kept throwing the ball around still talking about whatever

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After a bit he went to go get a drink

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"Tyler, come here." His friend called to him. Tyler headed over to them wondering what they wanted

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They talked to him about something and then he went to do whatever he wanted

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Tyler turned around, "Oh sorry if I'm in your way." He said and moved

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"What'd I do?" He asked getting ready to run if he did

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He watched them confussed

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"Yeah sure." He said and headed back to the group with them

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Tyler told them about Sam and Benny and they said okay

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"Hey." they said and smiled

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They nodded, "well lets play." One of them said

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They shrugged, "We just get on teams. No ones on a specific team."

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They started the game after geting into even groups

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Tyler threw the ball before getting tackled

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Tyler got up and tackled one of the guy going at her

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Everyone on Sam and Tylers team kept the others from tackling her

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Tyler chuckled, "Nice job."

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He chuckled, "Wanna go again? "

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He shrugged, "Lets find out."

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Tyler chuckled, "Alright."

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He chuckled again, "Alright." he went back and got into position

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He had his eyes on the ball as the game started

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The game started and they threw the ball around

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The ball was thrown to Sam again

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They did the same strategy as last time

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(hmm I have no idea...)

They high fived her smiling

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(yeah, that sounds good.)

Tyler chuckled, "Yes you do."

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(Haha alright)

He chuckled, "Yes I do. Ready to go again?" He asked

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They started the game again

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The ball was being tossed all around and finally to Sam again

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One of the guys fell and hit her leg by accident

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"I'm so sorry." He said quickly. "I didn't mean to."

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Tyler went over and picked her up. He carried her to the car, put her in and then got in the drivers side and headed to the hospital

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(Haha wow)

He kept driving until he got there. He got out, took her out of the car and carried her inside.

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(Haha alright)

"No problem." He smiled and carried her to the waiting room

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(he carried her with him into the waiting room)

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(Haha its cool)

He put her in a seat and stood waiting

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The doctor called them in and he picked her up then carried her in putting her on the bed

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"Okay." He smiled and went out to the waiting room

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